Writings – The Real Thing

The presence of an Awakened Master is like a life preserver that can be seen and touched in a vast ocean of change and universal indifference. The Master is a presence that shines beyond the world from within the world.

Our world of nature and the universe as a whole is inherently indifferent. Neither the world nor the universe accepts the pain or the pleasure of anyone. However, when the universe manifests in and as an Enlightened Master, he is able to emanate a kind of compassion that does care about the pain or pleasure of individuals. The difference between a living God-realized master and God (i.e., Universal Consciousness) is that the Master can be felt, seen and heard in time and space, connecting an aspirant, seeker, or devotee directly to the manifesting radiance of the Absolute. The Master hears human cries and responds directly to them, whereas God may or may not hear, and may or may not respond. If you are drowning in the ocean, you can wait for the flotsam and jetsam to wash by: God may or may not send them. But an embodied master, as Divine Grace itself, can help immediately.

Once a bond is forged with a Master, you may, through human maturity and depth of meditative and divine experience, become known to him. The master then begins to form a relationship that is within – as well as beyond – time and space. You begin to enjoy a Transcendental Relationship in the field of cause and effect, something that cannot be given by God. An Awakened Master is much more precious than God! Would you rather be loved “unconditionally” by something totally formless or represented by a mere idea, or would you rather be loved by that formless consciousness in an embodied human form? Which will truly ease the pain of your loneliness? This aspect of the Master’s omnipresence satisfies the immense human hunger to love and be loved.

Not only will he respond to this human hunger, but he will also intensify it. At some blessed point he will catapult a human being beyond all dimensions. This self-transcendence is what I call: the fullness of Feeling meditating on itself. It is Feeling-Bliss meditating upon its own Absolute Nature. In this Divine Relationship with the Master, the devotee becomes increasingly activated until he becomes the all-pervasive Consciousness. He becomes one with the Master. This meditation is inherently Self-activating and immeasurable in its scope. It is based on love, trust and innocence.

What I am offering is for real. It is the real thing in the field of human spirituality. It can change your life forever. This energy will help to dissolve and release your difficulties. It will release you into your own Feeling-Nature, which is Self-arising Bliss.

The more you sincerely listen – the more you passionately desire to comprehend – the more sincerity and the more pure passion to know and feel will be stimulated. It is even possible that Grace will inundate your life completely. You will have read so deeply into your being that the Absolute-Light-Force will adopt you for its own cosmic needs. Finally, as this plane of divine realization flowers most profoundly, it strikes into the Unconditioned, stimulating the flow of Grace in all directions for all beings.