Writings – Self-Realization and Heart Awakening

An edited talk, by David Spero

A sublime inner atmosphere is created through meditation. In that unique atmosphere the mind finds its way down into the Essence of Being. In that moment, when the mind touches the Transcendental Mind, or Pure Consciousness, there is a spontaneous ascent into Light. Meditation over time ushers human beings into an Ever-Present Emptiness. It reunites us with our own Consciousness, which is vast and free.

Self-Realization, the revelation that is born as Perfected Meditation, is only one aspect of awakening. It can be said to be the basis upon which a full awakening develops. Self-Realization is a profound state of liberation to discover and to live in but it’s not the entire Spiritual Totality. It is remarkable and extraordinary to awaken into one’s Transcendental Nature, into That which is beyond time and space!

Beyond Self-Realization are various ecstatic states and moods that reveal the nature of the world as Consciousness. At some blessed point there is the spontaneous revelation of sahaja samadhi (full relaxation in Total Pure Consciousness). 

In sahaja samadhi a pristine self-awareness of full alignment with Radiant Bliss has occurred irreversibly. The mind has moved through and beyond the state of full Self-Realization. One now becomes saturated in transparent Bliss without lapse. Sahaja samadhi is being/Being both on the inside and outside. It includes the Divine and the mundane. It is Consciousness spilling its transparency through and beyond its human container, the Body-Itself now having become a Living Stream or Bubbling Fountain of Eternal Life.

At this point there is no longer any difference between the desiring process (the whole mechanism of action) and the state of being in a naturally Fulfilled Condition, which is beyond desire (samadhi). This Immense Realization comes in its own ripeness and its own time. It cannot be forced or produced through any kind of teaching, technique or practice. It cannot be created or maintained through any kind of belief, strategy, attitude, or effort. It has not been and never will be adequately described in any metaphysical treatise, religious scripture or spiritual text. If one were pressed into placing a “cause” before such a happening, it would be devotion.

The fullest flowering of Divine Realization arises as one simply lives in sahaja samadhi. This transformation arises in Consciousness Itself. It is being ushered into the Divine’s Brilliant-Dark Love-World. The mood of this Love-World is mysterious and unspeakable, never to be touched by human thought, or recorded in human memory. All teachings, teachers, yogis, yoginis, saints, mystics, gurus and avatars arise in this World of Love.

This Supreme Bliss of the Heart is a most miraculous stirring from the depths of existence to the surface of sensory perception. It is an endless wave of Bliss and Light, radiated to Infinity, for the sake of the happiness, evolution, and enlightenment of all beings. As one becomes sufficiently inebriated in this mystical awakening, one notices a Magnificent Fire moving through one’s being constantly, an uninhibited warmth to be shared with everyone and everything. One is now in the Perpetual Love-Embrace of Feeling, Light, Energy, and Grace.