Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access online events?

Please ensure you are logged in to David’s website to access the online live events and the product offering pages. New and existing subscribers can register or login to the website from the My Account page.

  1. After you login you will see the “Live Webcast Meetings” option appear on the top navigation menu.
  2. Select the intensive you are attending to go to the page.
  3. Then Click on the link to access the meeting.

How can I determine the event time in my time zone?

Please use the time zone converter to determine the starting time in your location.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

If you are having financial difficulty and would like to request a scholarship, please fill out the scholarship form at least 72 hours prior to the event. Your scholarship request will be reviewed.

I Have Not Received the Registration Email

Check your bulk / spam folder for any emails from us. You can stop our emails going into your bulk / spam folder by making sure that the email address ‘‘ is in your allowed contacts list.

I Have Forgotten My Password

You can request a new password by completing this simple form.

Can I Change My Username?

At this time you cannot change your username. However you can always request that we close your account. Once your account is closed, you are welcome to register again using your preferred username.

Problems with Live Broadcasts

Problems with the visual or audio quality of a live broadcast are often due to your internet connection speed. If you are experiencing problems with the live broadcasts, please follow the tips below. Note: Dial-up modems do not offer a fast enough connection to receive streaming video. If you have a dial-up connection we strongly encourage you to upgrade to a high speed internet connection (e.g.: DSL or Cable).

  • You can find out your broadband speed by using this free website: You will need a speed of 700 Kbps speed or higher.
  • You may be able to call your internet service provider technical support line to find out how to make your connection faster.
  • Sometimes temporarily disabling a firewall will make your internet connection speed faster.
  • Your internet service provider may be able to suggest other solutions to help solve any other problems you are having.
  • You may need to upgrade your broadband service in order to receive good quality audio and visual.

Can I Have More Than One Account?

No, anyone who opens more than one account on the website will be blocked from logging in.

If you have any questions regarding the rules feel free to contact the web admin at