Writings – The Heart’s Orbit

A transcribed and edited talk by David Spero

Sahaja samadhi, the transcendental awakening that transcends all temporary awakenings is a physiological condition. The actual cells of the body begin to feed off the Inner Spiritual Radiance. They begin to digest the Light of the Self. 

Light, now being its primary food, the body becomes lustrous and full, gracious and loving. This state is a most supreme form of tranquil repose in Divine Consciousness. It moves us graciously beyond the need to attend “within.” There is no more “within.” There’s just Love. In the process of maturing into sahaja samadhi, the entire psychology is transformed into a kind of functioning that is no longer Self-sabotaging. 

The urgency to realize the Self manifests the path to realization. It’s the Fire in this urgency that creates the map to travel. It comes out of the inner Self, spontaneously. It’s best to not become mesmerized by spiritual teachings or scriptures, for there’s no real truth in them without this Inner Fire. If you lack this Fire of longing, then spiritual practices tend to become mechanical. If the Fire for Realization is lacking, then you’ll ask someone else to lead you; or you’ll just practice spiritual techniques mechanically year after year.

After you become one with the Light, you then begin to “move away” from that Light. That sounds like a contradiction. It sounds like you might be losing something or going backwards in the direction that you have traveled so far to attain. But, in fact, the “loss” of this Light is a great benediction. It gives you the opportunity to understand compassion and suffering. So, if you’ve been spun from head to toe on a spiritual path and you feel that you haven’t gained a single thing, it can be a good sign. 

It’s really the intense urgency to love and be loved that is at the root of all action. It is that raw, primal, uncompromising urge-lust-desire to love and be loved that is the sole motivator of a human life.

I’m inviting you into an engagement of Self-inquiry – in trust and innocence – to find out what you already know. As the body-mind feeds more deeply on its own Primordially Awakened Bliss-Consciousness, it becomes intoxicated. It has found what all the scriptures were written about and it doesn’t lock it in a treasure chest, full of teachings, words, and concepts. It divests you of all self-importance and arrogance in the field of knowing and opens you into this capacity to feel suffering and to work directly with it, without inhibition.

You will be set in an orbit that is completely your own. As this Self-Generating Light radiates out of the body-mind spontaneously, every opening in you, every channel in or out of you, becomes suffused in this Energetic Communication. Then you can express sahaja samadhi, the naturalness of abiding as the Divine. You live beyond circular or linear spiritual strategies and revolve within the orbit of your own Heart.