David Spero


“It’s the urgency to love and be loved that gives birth to this world. It is the primal unbearableness of Feeling that generates the perceivable world. How it happens no one will ever know. You can become one with the Source, but you can’t know it. Religious scripture is a remarkable mixture of poetry, fiction, science fiction and metaphor, originating in the human desire to talk, to tell and listen to stories, to wonder and imagine. Scripture, though, is not holy. Scripture’s talk on cosmology, ontology, theories of creation and other philosophical subjects cannot create a lucid enough mind with which to penetrate the Ultimate Mystery of which it speaks.”

Quoted from Accepting Awakening




Featured Video Clips

Immediacy of Intelligence


Sedona, AZ 1/13/2021

Exploration of Consciousness

In-person Intensive

Palm Springs, CA 4/15/2003

Liberation from Liberation

In-person Intensive

Larkspur, CA 10/9/2009

Easy Grace: Meditations on Love, Awakening & the Ecstatic Heart

“Easy Grace” is a compilation of quotations from David Spero’s public talks. Its tone and texture expand within a wide variety of themes, including devotion, non-duality, meditation and the saving of the ecosystem. Readers will also find in “Easy Grace” a kaleidoscopic style of expressions gliding from the analytical to the poetical. Its aphoristic style captures an enticing introduction to his unique spiritual work. “Easy Grace” opens a magical doorway to the heart. Its contents are revelatory, offering a spark of David’s triadic transmission of Divine Light, Devotional Intoxication and Kundalini-Shakti.

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