“The whole universe is born within endless cycles of crisis and violence. Our fragile earth arose from explosions of supernovas in infinite space. Human beings are thus carved out of and designed to face crisis. They themselves are emergent forms of ongoing crisis within the evolutionary play of the universe. Thus, they can learn to breathe in the smoke of uncertainty, fear and chaos, while living in these delicate nervous systems. As Living Flowers of Organic Intelligence, free from distortion, error and fear, we can relax into the Heart of Being–a Fabric of Bliss, Light, and Energy. Activated in Discriminative Fervor, we can stay poised and think clearly during the worst times. Human beings, therefore, may remain lucid under all conditions. Even during the direst times, when freedom and existence are under assault by the forces of aggression, stupidity and greed, we can still Know, Intuit, and Feel in Divine Consciousness.”

David Spero, September 4, 2021




Heart-Felt Abidance

In-Person Intensive

San Francisco, CA 3/9/2010

The Final Stroke of Bliss

In-Person Intensive

Larkspur, CA 2/26/2010

Talking About Avatars

In-Person Intensive

San Francisco, CA 2/13/2010

Absolute Enjoyment

In-Person Intensive

San Francisco, CA 2/13/2010

The Interiority Of Felt Being

In-Person Intensive

San Francisco, CA 2/16/2010

Revolution In Consciousness

In-Person Intensive

Larkspur, CA 3/12/2010

Easy Grace: Meditations on Love, Awakening & the Ecstatic Heart

“Easy Grace” is a compilation of quotations from David Spero’s public talks. Its tone and texture expand within a wide variety of themes, including devotion, non-duality, meditation and the saving of the ecosystem. Readers will also find in “Easy Grace” a kaleidoscopic style of expressions gliding from the analytical to the poetical. Its aphoristic style captures an enticing introduction to his unique spiritual work. “Easy Grace” opens a magical doorway to the heart. Its contents are revelatory, offering a spark of David’s triadic transmission of Divine Light, Devotional Intoxication and Kundalini-Shakti.

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