David Spero


I’m inviting you into an engagement of Self-Inquiry in trust and innocence to find out what you already know. As the body-mind feeds more deeply on its own Primordially Awakened Bliss-Consciousness, it becomes intoxicated. It has found what all the scriptures were written about and it doesn’t lock it in a treasure chest, full of teachings, words, and concepts. It divests you of all self-importance and arrogance in the field of knowing and opens you into this capacity to feel suffering and to work directly with it, without inhibition.  “The Heart’s Orbit.”




Featured Video Clips

Floating and Dissolving in Consciousness

In-Person Intensive

Copenhagen, Denmark 8/16/2016

Purpose Is Profit


Sedona, AZ 12/16/2020

Massive Expansion of Human Consciousness

In-Person Intensive

Larkspur, CA 10/23/2009

Easy Grace: Meditations on Love, Awakening & the Ecstatic Heart

“Easy Grace” is a compilation of quotations from David Spero’s public talks. Its tone and texture expand within a wide variety of themes, including devotion, non-duality, meditation and the saving of the ecosystem. Readers will also find in “Easy Grace” a kaleidoscopic style of expressions gliding from the analytical to the poetical. Its aphoristic style captures an enticing introduction to his unique spiritual work. “Easy Grace” opens a magical doorway to the heart. Its contents are revelatory, offering a spark of David’s triadic transmission of Divine Light, Devotional Intoxication and Kundalini-Shakti.

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