Writings – Beyond Silence and Feeling

An edited talk, by David Spero

Meditation happens naturally in the meditative atmosphere of our meeting, which is pervaded by Bliss. 

Meditation is a time of night for the human mind. It retires. The mind descends into a blanket of quietness that enfolds it. When meditation becomes pure, the mind dissolves into this Silence forever. When this dissolution becomes full and mature, then the language of Silence becomes Light. Then the mind becomes full of Light, a Light which is not generated from its own thinking process, but which comes out of its own unfathomable depths. This is enlightenment: when the mind has become full of Light, permeated by Light, effulgent in Light. For this to happen, the mind must be unfettered, unbound.

This Silence is the doorway to the Heart. The Heart receives an invitation from Silence to open and, in this opening, this Light, which was interior, now becomes effulgent and begins to shine out, to radiate out. This enlightenment is no longer merely Self-Enlightenment, but an Enlightenment that shines onto objects and things.

As the Heart begins to feel in this way, it begins to radiate this internal Light. This Silence-Light then is no longer confined to the mind. It starts to bleed through right to the surface of the body. In the blossoming of these two events, one of Silence and the other of Feeling, when these two are held together without conflict, a great sense of naturalness begins to dawn. The Indian scriptures call it sahaja samadhi, which means the state of living totally at ease in the Divine.

Now, it is possible to be living in the Divine and not living in ease. Sahaja samadhi is a final phase of functioning within God, in which you have permission to be incessantly, fully relaxed in the state of Silence and Feeling, and what is beyond both.

This is the invitation I extend through these meditations. This invitation is without rules or regulations, without any hurdles to jump over, except the ones you may create internally. You must trust in your experience completely. That’s how you arrive in this state of immeasurable, relaxed Bliss, where there is nothing to do. That’s true freedom, freedom from action, freedom from the compulsion to act, even in the midst of a world that is gripped by and destroying itself through action.

It is said in the scriptures that come from India that the Guru is the helper to this state. The word “Guru” has come under a lot of fire and criticism. A Guru is someone who is incessantly radiating Light, that’s all. That’s everything that such a One has to give. Where these phenomena of shaving heads and behaving a certain way came from, I don’t know; I don’t know where any of that came from. No one should ever tell another how to live, what to think, what to read, what to eat, who to have sex with, how to have sex, when to have sex, what type of sex to have. You’ll find that this field that I seem to represent, that I seem to be a part of, this “Guru-field,” is filled with rules and regulations about these things. So I want to clarify that I am not interested in controlling anybody’s life.

There’s something to be noticed in your attention when you come and sit here. There’s something fabulous that will happen within your attention, within your capability to have attention, conscious attention. It will become evident to you that there is a Power moving here, which is beyond time and space. I guarantee with my life to you that this is the case. I guarantee it: that it is active, profound and changing. It will change you without your trying to change, if you even need to change. But, to get to the pure nectar of all of this, it’s necessary to be free from even listening to what I say. It’s more important to delve into the Feeling that you are having while you are here with me, for this short time. That’s what’s important.

If you bring any unresolved condition here that’s disturbing your life or that seems to be impossible to solve, you’ll find that spontaneously, through Grace, help will come; on every level of your life. It will even clarify your own desiring process, so that if you’ve been asking for the wrong thing, or you don’t even know how to ask for the right thing, the ability to ask will come. Or, if it means not asking for anything that Grace will be afforded you. In any event, a burden is removed from your individuality, from your sense of being an independent agent functioning in what seems to be a condition of separateness. The burden and heaviness of that state is what is relieved here. It’s relieved through communion with the relational, ecstatic Bliss that is exuded and emanated in this room while we are here together. Once the connection is made, even if you’re here for only a few minutes, it will continue after you leave.

One of the keys to Ecstatic Happiness is to keep thinking, every second, of what you love. Always be in the mood that the Beloved creates in you: the thought, the feeling, of the Beloved. When you are able to think with love of that which you love the most, then That begins to dawn in you. It becomes palpable, evident, and real in your experience. This is what happened to me. I meditated passionately on the form of the Beloved within my own Heart. The beauty of That Form was so intoxicating, so great, so vast, that it invaded my being. My being could only remember That.

This may all sound far-fetched and crazy, but once you get a taste of it, you’ll understand that this is absolutely real. Each time a living human being comes into this Awakening, there’s a great influx of Love and Light that comes into this relative dimension, a wave of Feeling that shocks and stimulates the Life-Essence of everything. Everything is exhilarated in this Divine Bliss–every life is affected by it. It’s like a tidal wave shattering everything. Nothing can stand in its way. not even your problems, which sometimes seem so vast.

What’s being offered here is individualized contact with the Divine. It may still sound vague to you, what I’m talking about, but that’s okay. It’s not to be understood. Only limited things can be understood.