Writings – The Blissful Destruction of Non-Duality

An edited talk by David Spero, January 10, 2001, San Francisco, CA

Awakening is into Light. That means that all of the stages of yoga have been passed through, all of the different stages of awakening. The body-mind now functions effortlessly within its source of Light. That’s easy to understand, at least conceptually. It’s another thing to go through that process and to arrive at this Condition.

The marriage of the individual spirit with Universal Spirit, or Pure Consciousness, is the foundation for the birth of Radiant Feeling. This hungry body-mind then wishes to make its claim on Pure Consciousness.

Just as the mind was hungry to unify with the Source of Light within, the body subsequently wishes to enjoy rapturous Feeling-Bliss, right to the surface of the skin. When these vertical and horizontal movements have been fulfilled and one is stabilized naturally in this Bliss-Current, then one is free, free from the misery of further spiritual evolution.

This union of the individual soul into Light is like building a mansion in which you can live, a sanctuary, a Divine Domain, which encapsulates you, it holds you. Somewhat paradoxically, the Feeling-Nature, when it begins to be born within this Spirit-World then creates havoc and ruin.

I don’t know if you follow this. It’s not necessary to follow the words. Just follow the Energy in my talk tonight.

You’re at a point where there’s nothing more to achieve, nothing more to transcend. You’ve become everything. And then, within this Awakened Consciousness you find the body-mind wanting to incarnate desire into the Awakened State. It wants to live through the vicissitudes, the ups and downs, of human existence. It craves this with its whole Light-Force.

There are certain beings who, after realizing this illuminated Light-Condition, detach and function in a place of little or no feeling, moving as Nothing, moving as Emptiness. And then there are others who are more drastically inclined to live what appears to be a very individualized human existence. 

Your own destiny will be revealed to you as you awaken and continue to awaken and see the repercussions of that awakening. You will know. You may be unable to see it for a while, but your destiny will be made clear to you.

Sometimes it’s only under the guidance of an Enlightened Master that you really attain to your fullness, that you come to fruition. That relationship, however, must be benign. It must be authority-less. There can be no authority within the student-teacher relationship. What has to dominate in such a relationship is Divine Love.

Someone placed this photo of Kali here tonight next to me. You may have felt what Kali is–She’s a heated embrace. You could panic because there’s so much Love here.