Writings – Gone Beyond

An edited talk, by David Spero

Imagine swimming in an ocean–a big, blue ocean. Imagine having so much energy that you can just keep on swimming. You can maneuver. You can go vast distances over this ocean. This is what it feels like to master meditation. It means that you have expanded into the ocean of your own Unconscious, you have woken up to the expanded, limitless quality of your own Self. 

Now, imagine that you have been swimming in this ocean and you feel this great sense of easeful mastery, of living as Consciousness; that Consciousness is the Master and you are That. What an incredible feeling this must be, to know without any doubt that you are Pure Consciousness, the Holiness of Life! 

And as you swim, suddenly you disappear into this Ocean of Being. At that moment, meditation is left behind, and there’s a greater merging into one’s nature, the greatest merger into one’s nature. One has gone beyond this ocean entirely for one has merged into the Divine Ocean of Pure Consciousness. 

Now, imagine still further that, after having dissolved in that Ocean of Oneness, suddenly you find yourself swimming in–not an ocean of water, but an ocean of fire, of Divine Fire–the ocean has become hot, fiery and unbearable and is flashing its Brilliant Light in all directions. Imagine that sudden transformation in cognition, this feeling of what it would be like then, to become Pure Fire. This is what becoming the Divine fully is. It is becoming this Flame, this Endless Flame of Pure Perception and radiating it constantly. Consciousness, then, no longer has the quality of being cool, ocean-like, and detached, but is now possessed of a fire that transcends detachment.

This is the journey that we all embark upon as human beings and each person will come to his or her realization in due time. In a sense, it depends on how seriously you take your practices, how faithful you are to your own inner life. On the other hand, it depends on nothing. It depends on Grace. It’s a Gift, not an attainment. 

Of such an Experience there is no giver and taker. There is only Oneness, Divine Oneness, Pure Consciousness, One Immensity of Wholeness of Perception. This is the Divine State and this is what an Enlightened Master offers to each and every person, no matter where they are on their spiritual path. 

And you will come to realize that you can’t bargain with the teacher. You come and either you receive this in love or you learn how to love. To learn how to love is simply the natural humbleness of not thinking that one’s self is so great.

Right in this moment you can feel the Active Fire of Awakened Consciousness. You can feel the ignition, the Flashing of Bright, Iridescent and Radiant Consciousness. You can feel how easy it is to receive. 

So, when you come to sit with me, that’s what I offer, that’s the only thing that I can really give. I hope you’re not offended by That. Whatever qualities you come here with–pain, anger, sorrow–you will receive this Universal Response of Limitless Consciousness, Bliss and Freedom.