Writings – Reverberations Within the Void

A transcribed and edited talk by David Spero, October 10, 2000, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Silence is full this evening. 

Through meditation you can glimpse a state of Total Silence. You can glimpse it many times and it will have a different impact on your life each time. At some point you may disappear, cease to exist, vanish. In the yogic literature of India this is called samadhi, transcending, or Transcendental Consciousness. 

Through experiencing it over and over again you eventually merge into this Vacuity, it becomes your own Self. You become the witness of everything. Everything passes before your Consciousness like images on a screen. Even if you have a very active life, that Silence begins to overshadow your actions. Strangely, at this point, you might feel totally disconnected from everything, your life turned upside down. Everything may even seem to be an illusion that has no impact on you.

What seems to me to be something of a miracle is that the Process of Feeling can subsequently be resurrected. The process of resuscitating Feeling transforms Nothingness, inviting it to become Awakened Heart Consciousness. This reawakening has vast implications. For the human race, it signals the introduction of an immense Vibrational Consciousness. Elastically, the collective consciousness of the planet is stretched in all directions, as if to embrace this New Element: it is a Reverberation in the Void. 

You can imagine the power of stimulating this Vast Oceanic Transparency of Pure Consciousness, every single human being like a cell singing in this Effervescent Oneness. The possible is invited into the impossible, the speck of light peeking for an instant into the Sun, the field of evolution glimpses its Ultimate Destination: a Field of Multi-Dimensional Possibilities.

Nothingness is universal. Feeling is individualized. The juxtaposition of these two states of being ushers us into the field of Pure Creativity and Divine Grace. This new, expanded capacity of the human race is then inherited by each human individual consciousness. The final reality would be a human population swirling and radiating in a Divine Hurricane of Limitless Light and Feeling, a state of Massive God-intoxication.

The Enlightenment of one individual adds a spark of intensity to the Total Divine Reality. How deeply each individual feels, or is changed by, this Spark varies. Furthermore, an individual’s ability to absorb and radiate Spiritual Intensity will vary according to his or her spiritual capacities inherent at birth, the kinds of spiritual practices engaged in previous births (and in this birth), including experiences of all forms of Spiritual Raptures and Ecstatic Tanscendences of individual awareness, and the kinds of Initiations from Awakened Teachers and Avatars he/she received since the beginning of time.

This is really a vast topic and nobody understands it completely and I am not pretending to. Nevertheless, I have, without any doubt, been ushered into a state of miraculously enlivened Consciousness and Feeling, which reverberates in the One Divine Being. 

Through the uniquely activated Bliss that begins to manifest as this Awakened Heart Consciousness, you can actually begin to transform the lives of many people; just by your simple human presence. I don’t know how this happens. 

There will always remain many unanswered questions, even when you have the greatest meditative experiences. Even when you seem to abide effortlessly in a Blissful Condition that never fluctuates, there are still lots of questions. And I think that’s okay. I don’t think we need to answer all the questions. 

I think you need to be present as this Unconditional Awakening and Immense Feeling and begin triggering the lives around you, begin triggering many people through simple human relationships, relationships that are no longer either simple or (merely) human. 

You’ll wonder what has happened. You’ll wonder what you’ve become! It’s very scary. This is definitely a translation into Divinity Itself. It’s actually an entrance into the Divine without an exit.