Shiva and Shakti are One, October 28, 2011

Shiva and Shakti are One, October 28, 2011

Feel the Shakti. Do you feel the current? Do you feel this vibratory current? It’s happy and blissful, energizing. That’s the Absolute in the form of energy. Let it have its way with you. Let it install itself so that it’s always generating itself in you, all the time. That’s the feminine aspect of the Absolute. The mental aspect of the Absolute is no thought, it’s no thought. The masculine aspect is thought free. The feminine aspect is vibrationally informed, its feeling based. It’s the same reality. It’s just a different communication of it. Shiva in the traditional imagery of Ancient India represents the quiet mind, silent, indifferent, the expert in meditation, self-transcending meditation, Samadhi; Shiva is the master of Samadhi in meditation. Shakti is Shiva’s consort. Shakti is that energy that drives Shiva out of meditation into desire. Shakti is a positive force even though it ends Shiva’s self-meditation. Even though it ends Shiva’s absorption in the Absolute because Shiva is not allowed to get attached to his own meditation and think it’s everything. Shakti must come along, or Parvati or Uma, or one of them has to come along to tantalize him, to get his desire system going which is energy. To get him feeling desire and energy and movement into the world; the momentum has to be created inside of Shiva so that he gets into the world. And the way he does that, he wants to make love with Parvati.


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