The Body’s Recognition of the Shakti, September 10, 2010

The Body's Recognition of the Shakti, September 10, 2010

David: There is a beautiful Shakti in the room. Does everybody know what the Shakti is? It’s for people who are not satisfied to realize the Divine. The Shakti is for those who want to feel the Divine. Do you see that distinction?

You can know you are the Self. You can know you are That. That dissolves the mind into the Primordial Silence. “That I Am”, “I am That”, “I am Consciousness Itself.” Yet there might be this hunger due to the presence of the body-mind to feel some evidence of That. To not be totally content with just factual being the Divine. And so the body-mind craves its own satisfaction, one that is rooted in energy, a kind of energy. An energy that is non-different, its not different then anything else. And so the possibility arises in that field of Divine recognition where energy is offered to those who are hungry for that kind of felt recognition of the Divine.

And this is only because we have different aspects to our being. We have a body and a mind, an intellect, we have a outer physical form. It too wants to taste that Bliss. Your legs and arms don’t want to be left out. And so the pure consciousness has to take a form that is capable of drenching the whole body-mind with that profound Bliss. It takes the form of Shakti. It takes the feminine form of recognition. The masculine form is the simple meditation, “I Am That”, The recognition in mind only but that’s just mind recognizing, what about the rest of the being? You may say, “Well there is no rest of the being, because everything dissolved.” Yes, for some that will be true, for others who have a strong emotional disposition, the body-mind is going to arise with it’s own need for clarification. Also, the body-mind is going to suggest that it’s not enough. It wants to be totally consumed in something that has undulation in it, oscillation, Shakti, movement, current, Divine current, Prana-Shakti, and therefor this other quality arises.

Shakti is also important in another sense. Mere realization of Consciousness as Absolute Being will tend to cause a kind of dissociation of the body-mind from that transcendental source. The body-mind wont have any sense of where it comes from, it will just declare itself either to be an illusion or some kind of mechanical embodiment of cause and effect principles. In either case the body-mind is not happy. The only way the body-mind becomes happy is if its caught up in this ecstatic orgasm of energy which is basically the vibrational waves that happen near that Source, in that Source, but the Source will remain Transcendental to that vibration, never the less those vibrations start honing out so that the whole body can be dissolved in an ecstatic movement, an ecstatic movement. Then the body-mind can recognize itself in the midst of this diversity as That, not just deny itself in order to admit of the recognition that its something prior to that. See there is that more extensive need.

Participant: You say that Shakti is for those who want to feel.

David: Yes.

Participant: And I say there is much more to it. Without Shakti we would not be here.

David: Yes indeed.

Participant: We would not have the reflection we need to have so we would be just the nothingness, so that’s what life is.

David: Namaste. Thats what life is. I don’t want to go to high tonight but you’ve brought us there so how we have to deal with it. Indeed. I’ve argued at other events that what we call Advaita is secondary to Shakti because Advaita teachings only arise in the context of human body-minds and human communities, which means they have already assumed relative existence, which means they’re already fully dependent and resolved upon manifested energy to carry forth there non-dual agendas. So which is more primary, the non-dual or the Shakti?

When the Asuras steal heaven, when the Asuras steal Indra’s abode, Deva Loka, and Indra runs because he’s been cast out of his own world, his Bliss world, he runs to Brahma and says, “Can you help me?”. Brahma says, “I can’t help you”. He runs to Vishnu and Vishnu, “I can’t help you. I’ve already been though this.” Goes to Shiva, very powerful, “I can’t help you.” So what do they do? They all sit around and meditate on the Shakti. They start worshiping the Shakti, Maha Maya Devi, the goddess of Maya, beyond all of them. Beyond Shiva, the god of death and meditation. Shiva on his knees weeping for Devi to come. Think about the symbolism of this. They are calling upon Her, the primordial energy of the Universe to come and solve something that no god, no super-god, no Vishnu, no Krishna can even solve.


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