David Spero

Divine-Intoxication Dissolves Separation, January 12, 2008

But the Bliss of yourself is so full of the nectar that you’re seeking. All it needs to do is rise in sufficient intensity so that it begins to drown the part of you that goes on functioning in separation. That separate part will begin to sip that and it will fall in love with that and it will want to merge into that. You don’t have to kill off the separate personality, execute it, you say, “Well, if I can just get rid of that part of me I’d be fine.” That’s not the way it works. You need to bow down into the love impulse of what you’re seeking for. You have to be radically aligned and sanctified in the purity of your spontaneous functioning, then there will be a sudden union between you and you. If you imagine me to be the you that you want to be, then it will be between you and me. The imaginative exercises won’t come in the way between us because that other transcendental awareness is also present. If it was just the imaginative aspect, then we’d just sing songs together and get happy. We’d be happy in separation. We’d get blissful but in a separative domain. For the intoxication to occur that dissolves separation, it must be a different kind of movement. The Self must be there.

So, you see these incredible relationships of animals and insects in nature, what they do, how they support each other. Also they eat each other. So, you won’t be spared death, but you will be spared that nagging sense of confusion about who you are, why you’re here. You’ll be able to be reconnected to a sense of wholeness, undividedness in awareness, and that’s what’s crucial, that you get over this idea of twoness, this idea of duplicity, that you’re a separate agent in time and space, that you function through your effort and your will and keep yourself going, and that’s what keeps you living. That’s samsara. The alternative to that is to relax and release into a surrendered state of innocence in which you know all the power comes from within. All manifesting power comes from you, not from circumstances. Circumstances may be involved in the fulfillment of what you need to live, but everything is ultimately networked and connected back into your state of being. And just to recognize that, to live that moment to moment is awakening. But that’s not a peculiar form of illumination. It’s not some unique sensation. It’s really the truth, the nothingness of life.

So, when one human being really connects and it’s a big connection, then he or she becomes a radiant emitter naturally, not through some special privilege, through some dispensation or lineage-based power, not all that. It’s based on an organic communication in and about Consciousness, whereby the actual substance of Consciousness itself is communicated, not just communicated, but it actually starts to arise in and around for everybody to drink out of like a magical fountain just coming up among all of us, and we start to drink and our consciousness changes. It merges into the Universal energy, merges quietly, not through a few steps, one or two steps, three steps. No steps, just creeping up on you the way the fog creeps up in San Francisco. Right? It just comes. There’s no more bridge, all enveloped in fog. So, you are no more when Conscious Bliss, Super-Conscious Bliss, unconscious Bliss simply exudes and fills.

So, there’s no question about how to do this. There’s no question about how to stay in this unless you feel it’s this specific encounter which creates it for you. Then the answer is obvious, just keep returning until you’re self-generating in your own Bliss, in the Bliss of the atman, the Bliss of pure Consciousness, the Bliss of the Absolute. The Absolute is not merely a detached nothingness beyond the mind that’s witnessing everything. The Absolute is also a cauldron of cosmic energy. So, don’t keep looking for a separate-based understanding of enlightenment. You’re looking, for example, for the proof that you’re enlightened through the cessation of all your desires, that there’s no movement. That’s just an experience. Don’t get caught up in it. Don’t get caught up in what any teacher says. A really great teacher will not teach through their words. They will teach through their transmission, the words being presented just as an occasion to connect in the mind.


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