You Can’t Escape the Evolutionary Process, October 2, 2010

You Can't Escape the Evolutionary Process, October 2, 2010

Participant: So, what’s the difference between realization and temporary state of going beyond mind?

David: Knowing that you are realized, knowing it, not just realizing it but knowing that you know. Knowing that you know. In other words, the mind is complicit in Realization. You might say, “Well wait a minute, I thought you said it was the dissolution of the mind and going beyond it.” Yes, but we are talking here about a stabilized view point where you are not counting on the discrete dissolution to define you. You’re beginning to rely on your ongoing process of living. This is what separates temporary samadhi from everlasting samadhi. The mind’s understanding will continue to refine itself in the process of realizing, until only realization remains or only understanding remains. You won’t be able to separate your understanding from your realization, they would have merged. Just like you can’t separate the objects that occur in vision from vision. You wouldn’t think of seeking after pure vision, would you? What would that look like? Pure vision is going on while you see, while you see discrete objects. You can’t create this notion of a pure and undefiled state of vision, in which there are no objects. Maybe you would learn to see what vision is when it’s emptied out, in such a case. If you could simply erase the mind of all vision and rest in the one who sees, but that can’t be a pure definition of enlightenment. Again, the reason being, that is not your daily living, its not immersed in your daily circumstance. You’re still referencing individual samadhis, in the case of clinging to pure vision. Now does this mean that you can see everything all at once and forever without going through a process of gaining and losing vision, plus refining understanding? You must go through that. You must go through the evolutionary process. There is no way around it, gaining and losing wisdom, gaining and losing your pure vision, your samadhi. At some point the whole thing will pop but you can’t predict when that’s going to happen. You have to keep following your process. Follow your heart.


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