Don’t Turn Off Feeling, October 5, 2010

Don't Turn Off Feeling, October 5, 2010

Participant: I’ll try to say something, I don’t know if I can though. I guess, uh…I just, um…I just feel such a profound love in the room. That’s all I can really say.

David: We don’t need words. So beautifully said and yet we don’t need them to feel this. It’s just so profound, so overwhelming. You’ve been taken over by this. What word could describe That? All we can do is confess like that and feel each other in That. Don’t turn off feeling, keep feeling on.

Participant: Absolutely.

David: Right? That’s the key, we never what to shut feeling down.

Participant: Don’t shrink from That.

David: Never. Not an inch. Exactly! If you don’t shrink from that, that devastation, you won’t shrink from loving any being, from loving everything.

Participant: Right.

David: Beautiful.

Participant: I just feel like I searched all my life for this, suddenly here it is. I’m lost in it. [laughing].

David: You found it and then it said, “Sorry, there’s only room for one of us.”

Participant: Right.

David: “I appreciate you making the journey.[laughing] Now come inside me.”

Participant: It found me. Now I’m lost in it [laughing]. It’s insane.

David: It eats the ego. It eats up the ego structure. It dines on that.

Participant: Does it ever.

David: It doesn’t reject it, it tantrically dines on it. It dines on all the components of human subjectivity. It locates them one at a time, and takes them in. Absorbs them, until only That remains.

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