There’s No Room For Time, February 02, 2010

Even as we’re talking about fear, love is happening. Love is actually birthing itself into the room. As your sense of independent and separated consciousness, as that melts in the presence of the Shakti you begin to feel more diffuse, and that diffusion allows for Unity to happen. It allows for the non-dual to introduce itself to your awareness so you can come to terms with what is beyond you.

Sometimes it doesn’t happen instantaneously and quickly. It’s a slow melting. You melt, you drop into the softness of Being, and in that there is tremendous love and devotion. I want you to see how all these things are connected, devotion, radiance, Kundalini-Shakti, all of them begin to merge and interpenetrate into a single kind of knowledge, understanding, or experience.

The key is in listening. If you are going to come into this with me now it’s always through the faculty of your listening. Listening is the closest thing to your Being. Listening silences your mind and makes it open to receive. And the more you care to listen and the emphasis is on the word care, which comes from the individual, it comes from the individual, not from the impersonal Cosmic, the introduction of care and caringness which is a form of love and the way in which we approach this comes from your own authenticity in listening. It comes from your feeling Being.

Now, this is a much more feminine approach than you will encounter typically within a kundalini shakti teaching which might work with breathing and technique, pranayamas, yoga, very stylistic. Here I’m inviting you in through the gateway of your mind, your attention, your listening.

Much of what I say might sound quite radical to you. You may say, “Who is this guy? He’s so presumptive.” I’m more than presumptive. I walk in with a kind of audacity, an outrageousness to speak of things in the most direct way because for me there’s no time. There’s no room for time. Time is just hesitation. So the spontaneous dissolution of obstacles in you toward realization happens when you begin to adopt or co-opt this attitude of not wanting to wait, learning how to listen, opening your heart in your listening, and to receive the transmission that I’m offering you.

It’s actually arising in the room. It doesn’t really go from me to you. It arises everywhere at once. This might sound radical I’ll repeat, but this is my experience. I can only tell you the truth about what’s going on. I can’t fabricate. I have nothing to hide behind. I have no tradition. I have no lineage. Either I’m here and doing this or I’m not. It’s very simple. I come out naked like this personally and purposefully. I’ve had gurus. I don’t mention them. What good are they? Either it’s happening, either it’s legitimate or it’s not. It’s black or white.

As our minds commune together you’re going to feel the potency of what I’m talking about, that I am not sitting up here theoretically giving you a sermon. It’s a fire I’m stimulating. I’m doing it now. I worship Agni in the form of fire. Agni is fire. It’s that fire that can burn through any kind of dismal condition you have, anything. It’s supernatural. It’s like activating a siddhi, a supernormal power. It’s a shortcut to understanding. So, from one mind of fire to another.


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