The Body-Mind is Divine, March 5, 2010

The Body-Mind is Divine, March 5, 2010

David: The most important thing is that you experience something, that something in you begins to enlarge and you begin to sense your own global self, not your little limited body-mind that does things around the house ; it shops vegetables and right, it goes out in the garden, it’s working with the plants and it drinks a glass of water. So this is something then that might just take over all of that area suddenly without any preparation without any notice and then you realize something, you just realize that you are not contained within this. It doesn’t mean that this is evil. It just means that you transcend this body-mind which keeps you bound to the earth, it keeps you alive. Thank you to the body-mind for keeping you alert and established within the Self. Well the body-mind has no self-realization which is an interesting point. I want you to think about that sometime, because most yogis are trying to go beyond the body mind and they think lowly of the body-mind. They don’t’ think of the body-mind with respect. They think of it as an obstacle or they think of it as an impediment, as something to be going beyond. But you get the idea of Self-Realization in a body-mind. So this body-mind is prior to the investigation of the Self. The body-mind was given by the Mother, by Mother Nature; it’s senior to all ideas of Realization. Your body-mind is a sacrosanct perfect vehicle and incubator for your spiritual process. So the body is Divine, we don’t talk down the body.

Participant: So…

David: Yes?

Participant: It’s the body-mind that has or comes to the realization?

David: The body-mind is the author of all spiritual processes, all ideas about god. They all originate from thinking, which thinking happens in a body. So we pay homage totally to the body in this teaching. There is nothing higher than the body. Forget all this stuff about the spirit. There’s only the body in this teaching.

Participant: It’s the receptor?

David: It’s God, it’s the highest God you’ll ever come into contact, is your intact body-mind, all with your senses, your intellect, all that’s God. You know why, because all of that creates the ideas that we read about in religious texts. They all come from, they are all manufactured out of, this body-mind. So this body-mind creates everything, all the spiritual fantasies, all the states of consciousness. All the samadhis are created by these body-minds. How else were these things introduced to the human mind? You think they were delivered special messenger from the sky? Dropped like a note from heaven? “Oh yes, there are seven states of consciousness or eight states or ten states. Oh yes, oh I finally understand now, why I was born here.” The body made up the whole thing, the body is senior to everything.

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