Speaking In Freedom, November 10, 2009

There’s no need to say anything. And because there’s no need, in that no need state, then what you say becomes beautiful. When you need to say something? Bad. That’s the hell realm. Needing to say something and then saying it? That’s the hell loka. Not needing to say anything and then saying what you like? That’s paradise.

Is it better to speak or not to speak? Ask the bird. It’s better when they speak, for our sake, not for theirs because they don’t need to speak. They’re not coming out of the need state. They’re not compelled to sing. So, song is not music or anything music-based. Song is speaking freely out of non-need, not wanting to attain anything through that speech.

If you’ve understood what I just said or hinted at, you’ll realize that you never need to do anything, except for what you need to do, which is different. If I’m hungry I have to take something. You need to do that. But what you don’t need is to superimpose that need with the nasty interpretation, whereby suffering becomes included within your vocabulary.

So, in this state there are no teachings. Crave a teaching is just to crave more suffering cause you need that teaching. It’s all put forth through purpose-driven life, which is an insane life. Purpose, need, acquisition, extracting or extractment—if I can make a word up—production, those are all the keywords for searching the topic hell—production, extraction, acquisition, use, motive.

If you want to find out what hell is just look up the conglomerate of words I just outlined—quantification, evaluation. Let me give you a wonderful mathematical equation. Quantification plus evaluation equals degradation. I’m going to teach you a new math that hasn’t been created yet by the math departments in our universities. Quantity plus calculation equals hate. Measurement plus quantity equals lack. You’ll get the picture. You’ll catch on to this new math. We’ll call it the new math.

So, just float in this innocent Bliss of simple Being. What else is there to do? There’s nothing even to realize in it. That’s the point. That itself is the point, without application. You’re just left with that. This is ecstatic talk. It’s not because I’m trying to be ecstatic. It’s not because I planned beforehand to give an ecstatic talk, but this is the talk that ecstasy itself exudes, crazy talk, simple talk, love talk, talk of the void, talk of non-necessity. And the more you subtract all those calculating qualities out of your approach, the more you will be able to enjoy this natural state of abundance.

In the outer realm, you still might have to go through what looks like calculation, extraction, quantification, construction, production, accumulation, all of that. That’s just like so many ants building an anthill. It has no ultimate significance. You just do it. You need a place to live? You just do it. The ants need that hill? They do it. They don’t think, “Action is suffering. Let me just lay in the sun.” Right? They can. There’s nothing bossing them around, but their own physiology drives them on to create the anthill in which they have their little society.

Humans too are entitled to a society. But that tendency toward the creation of a culture or society is not inherently negative. As long as it remains innocent and true to the natural state of being that permeates everything, which is the infinite Consciousness of the Universe, which is not a thing. The infinite Consciousness of the Universe is not something I am referring to. It has no reference. It’s just a metaphor suggestive of that intuition of total innocence within the mind.


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