Shakti Is Non-Dual, January 29, 2010

You should begin to start feeling good all over as the Shakti, the energy within the Absolute begins to impinge on your body-mind. The Absolute is not happy just to stay in the void. It wants to start spraying up in devotional waves so you become intoxicated on its presence. It likes party and intoxication.
So, that’s what you’re feeling now. If you are feeling this movement of either ascending or descending or simply churning energy in Consciousness, the Bliss of the Self, that’s what is going on. The feminine aspect of the Absolute is beginning to stir in its inherent restlessness, and that stirring occurs so that it can migrate like a flock of birds through the sky of your awareness.

Even Shakti is non-dual. The Shakti is not a phenomenon. Whoever says anything like that has not been awakened in the Shakti. You shouldn’t listen to them. They should only, those teachers should only talk about what they know. The Shakti itself is also non-dual. It’s the river, the furious river within the silence that gives birth to all action, all manifestation.

It doesn’t go from silence to silence. There’s an intermediary place or position in the creative process that’s full of disturbance, life and death, birth and death. That is all governed by mother Shakti, the Divine Mother Consciousness, the kundalini. So, even in her disturbing force she’s utterly cohesive in regards to the birth of beings in this world, the successful birth of beings in this world. The placement of everything, everything is arranged, coordinated magnetically by that powerful force that is the Divine Feminine.

You can’t get stuck in the void. The void is not a place to hide out. People go around saying there’s no me and there’s nothing there. They’re hiding. You should be equivalent to your own suffering, that’s real liberation when on the in-breath you’re free and on the out-breath, you’re bound and you don’t make anything of the whole thing. You’re living in a grand unity, not some little puddle of silence that you try to drown yourself in.

So, all these silence teachings are essentially machismo. These are males doing what they always do, wanting to run and hide, away from relationship, away from relative existence, which is so confusing to the linear mind, the patriarchal consciousness. It does not know how to deal with that.


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