Revolution In Consciousness, March 12, 2010

David: Now what? What’s next? Where are you now?

Participant 1: Just happy.

David: Why are you happy? What is the nature of this happiness? Is there anywhere to go?

P1: No.

David: Is there anything to do?

P1: No.

David: Is there anything to know or understand? All signs of the innocence and magnificence and generosity of simple Being, which takes over your Consciousness and dissolves your dilemmas and opens you into what is, it turns you into what is.

[Addressing P1] Are we separate now?

P1: No.

David: No, were we ever separate?

P1: No.

David: No, is there anything more you want from me or the Universe?

P1: No.

David: You brought forth your own teaching. That’s what you did. You manifested the whole play for your own simple awareness. You put me through hell, but that’s okay. That’s what I get paid for. [David laughs.]

Is this what you came here for this evening?

P1: Yes.

David: Ah, let’s talk about this a little more. What has happened is that there has been a revolution in Consciousness, the revolution consisting of the displacement of the individual knower from its supposed primacy, to one of being placed in the back seat, where it belongs. It has been uprooted so that Consciousness now holds the wholeness of who you are and not your mind, not your individual mind, the mind that grips you and holds you and interprets for you, understands, attaches, detaches, thinks it’s going to come here, thinks it’s going to find something when it comes here. So, now there’s only love. When that gets dismantled you sense that you are love. Not just a cold, witnessing Absolute, but you are love itself. Correct?

P1: Mm-hm

David: You said, “Wow!” What is the wow? Yes, good, you can’t talk anymore, but you’re wowing. That’s a good wow.

And even your waking state may take note because that mind in its structure is still there. You still have superficial thoughts. It doesn’t interfere with that huge Consciousness that you are. So, whether you think or you don’t think, that’s immaterial, and in the end, whether you’re attached or non-attached that’s immaterial. Whether you’re sacred or whether you’re profane, whether you’re celibate or whether you’re sexual, all immaterial. The opposites are precisely what are transcended in this experience.

It’s in that sense that you transcend the opposites. Not that you never feel hot or cold again. Hot and cold can continue, in and out, up and down, high and low, rough and smooth, quiet and noisy. Duality continues. What doesn’t continue is your doubt about who you are, it’s so beautiful, it’s a revolution in Consciousness, the only revolution.

It’s so still now. It’s like early morning. There’s no sound. It’s early morning, no mind, no movement, no attention, no non-attention, no attention, no mind, Big Mind. All your desires arise from this Bliss of Oneness or Non-duality. It’s best to call it the Non-dual core. And just like a tree trunk that branches off with all of its branches and twigs and leaves, the whole apparatus of desire comes out of that, searching for That and enjoying That in the field of particularity. Desire is simply the enjoyment of Consciousness flowing through a body-mind where objects can be found and enjoyed. But, at the root of that is your own identity, your God-self, the Self that is the Divine.

So, desire is not a problem. It’s the natural result of Non-duality. In fact, to find the Non-dual you have to do it through desire. Even Ramana Maharshi one day as a little boy woke up and, “I want this. I want to be a yogi.” That was desire moving him to that cave, those caves, Arunachala. So, without the desire, there would have been no seeking, without the seeking there would have been no illumined Ramana.

Honor and page homage to your system of desire. It’s merely the activity of living. It’s merely participating in the field of the opposites. Desire is sacred. There’s nothing wrong with desire. You should also though enter into the core essence of your Non-dual Consciousness. Otherwise, desire feels like an itch. It feels like a disease.

If you’ve been following me your mind should be blown out now, blown to death. You should have no mind. If you’ve been listening and following and observing, opening your attention, surrendering within your attention, if you’ve been doing all of that you should be pretty much history, anything that you might call a you that comes and goes.

Every teaching is contained in this state, every teaching that ever was or will be. They come out of this state, and for those who are seeking they become a means to return to this state. So, that’s why the teachings given by an enlightened being when followed properly lead you back toward the root of Consciousness because his delivery is emanating from there. You take it, you walk with it and then you drop into it. You drop into the source of that teaching.

You understand? Good, you’re not even here. Everything has been opened up now. You’re all saying, “Where’s the light? Where’s the light?” Now you’re blinded by it. You can’t even voice anything. Is there any ignorance in this room? Please come forward. Is there anybody who’s claiming ignorance now? Is there any non-realization in the room? I’d like to converse with you.


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