Retirement from All Realizations, January 28, 2010

Retirement from All Realizations, January 28, 2010

When you come here, no matter where you are on your spiritual path, I will begin to work with you. Whether you are at the beginning, in the middle, near the end — even at the end. There are many things to be shown, even after full awakening — if full awakening here is defined as simply basic Self Realization, knowledge of the Atman.

There is a whole style of teaching that communicates directly about the nature of this Beingness in action, which points towards a different kind of “realization,” one that is horizontal. You can say that basic Self Realization is vertical. It takes you down into the depths of who you are. It establishes you there. But then you begin to spread out horizontally, in relationship. In other words, stabilizing that depth and then beginning to learn how to dance in it, to function in it, to feel natural in it, to feel naturally established in it. Up until that naturalness, even though you might be fully awakened, it could seem very awkward, disjointed. There’s this Big Absolute Thing that’s been awakened in you and then there’s all this relative play, which you quite don’t recognize. You’ve got to observe how that relative aspect is coming up in this Absolute Being. That’s how you begin to relax in total naturalness. You start moving towards sahaja, away from Self Realization into Devotion, and from Devotion into Great Unity, and from Great Unity into Natural Functioning, which means you’re retired from all those great experiences. You begin to recognize that you have undergone full retirement; you’re retired. You’re no longer working at the spiritual process. You’re no longer noticing your own realizations. You realize that even the noticing of a realization is still being fixated in the past, and in the mind, so you learn how to relinquish the mind completely, in a most reckless kind of surrender; reckless, but not chaotic. Reckless in the sense of not looking for anchors anymore, not looking for security. You can live fully in your own Spacious Abundance of Inwardness.

Tremendous confidence is displayed at that point — along with a very natural kind of humanness, which could easily be misunderstood to be non-realization. In front of the “spiritual critics,” it will look like non-realization; spiritual critics are always looking for criteria, proof, standards. So it’s only someone who understands that Devotion is crucial to the whole process of Realization that then can acquire this kind of Humorous Expansion, this Radical Expansiveness, not caring about what looks good and what doesn’t look good, what appears spiritual, and what doesn’t appear spiritual. He is too absorbed in God Feeling. He’s too lost in the God Thought. He has died in God. Only God is functioning. So, as I said, that is retirement.

All Realizations, then, become obsolete, unnecessary. What goes on functioning, in that instance, is the Author of all Spiritual Realizations — a mastered condition, in which no mastery is visible or even exercised.

So it’s the mind of a beginner that survives, the Mind that tastes all beginnings — and that’s the Mind that is imparted directly to those who are hungry for Spiritual Consciousness; that Mind and everything that fits into that Mind; every realization, every stage of awakening, everything.

I do not have a stationary teaching. It’s ever moving, drawing on Its Own Abundance, mysteriously creating Realization after Realization, until No-Realization remains.

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