Liberation from Liberation, October 09, 2009

Liberation from Liberation, October 09, 2009

Moderator: As soon as you spoke about bhakti and Krishna, it was like a tidal wave of Shakti hit the Shore of Being.

David: Lovely. Beautiful. Krishna means the “all-charming one.” None of us can resist Him, even if we try. Even if we think we’re the most steadfast yogi, He walks in and He’s so beautiful that we lose it. And we don’t mind losing it for that reason. We’re not so self-protected, arrogant, and inflated with the Unmanifest that we would seek to avoid such a thing. Anyone who is avoiding bhakti on that basis, in the name of Advaita, is deluded and perhaps even sick. Anyone who would run away from Love, Embodied Love, the Manifestation of It – I consider that demented. So don’t ever talk to me about a loveless Absolute. I don’t want to hear it.

The Absolute I know is full of loving intensity, full of Kundalini Shakti, full of every color that you can perceive within and beyond these eyes, full of every form, every consciousness. Everything is in It. Nothing is not in It.

So when you stop managing your consciousness, as this gentleman stated, you’ll realize that you have nothing. You own nothing. You don’t even own your own process of going beyond. You can’t even do that. Nor can you hold on to it once it apparently goes – so you’re in the same boat – you have nothing. You’re nothing. So get used to that feeling of being nothing, being nobody. That’s the jewel. That’s the precious jewel. That’s what allows you to go on and get the highest Unity, then not even be moved by That.

Then you’re like a drunk that keeps drinking and drinking and can’t get drunk anymore. He’s all burned out. Alcohol has no more effect. Really well-seasoned alcoholics become this way. They drink, they drink and it has no effect. They just piss it out. That’s how you’ll become spiritually. No matter how much intoxication comes over you, how much God, you’re still just You, you’re still God. You can’t take God from God. You can’t add God onto God. So you stay unmoved through the whole process. You become utterly released from – utterly indifferent to – your own spiritual process. That’s real liberation. That’s liberation from liberation. That’s freedom from freedom.

Then don’t ask – in the end – who you are or who you are not, whether you’re form or whether you’re formless. It’s all happening as you. And even that’s just an idea. That’s just an expression, a verbal equivalency of something you can’t describe. So in a very real sense there’s no knowledge in any of this. It’s not about acquiring knowledge. Knowledge will just keep separating you out from the knower – and you’re back in that boat.

The full potency of the Absolute is here, now. It’s thrilled. It’s happy. It’s not happening for anybody. It’s not happening through anybody.

Moderator: A viewer in Finland comments, “I feel grateful for Your Teaching, just seems I can’t engage in It fully before some personal problems are dissolved.”

David: I disagree. But if that’s the way it looks to you then that’s your present apparition, that’s your arising experience. Therefore, that too must be respected. But if you actually listen to me now, I mean really listen and give yourself in listening to your own listening, you’ll see that there is nothing you have to first overcome. There is no precondition.

I’m in Finland. I’m all over Finland. Finland is in Me – so where can you be? Listen with the sacred ears that you have, the ears that were meant to hear these kinds of proclamations. You have other ears that were meant to hear human gossip – just put those down for a while.

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