Attention is the Doorway, December 12, 2009

Attention is the Doorway, December 12, 2009

Moderator: Can you explain how do I open up to the fullness of my Being?

David: Just take this “step by step” with me. Your attention is, what I consider to be, a doorway into this Beauty, into this Immensity. So the way you travel is through your own attention and in the context of this gathering — my gathering here — the access to attention is gained through listening; listening implying, really paying attention with deep interest. That is, being led forth in your listening, through your heartfelt hunger and desire to know the very thing that you question me about. So if you meet me halfway, if you meet me with your simplicity, your quality of listening and open-heartedness, then the rest happens spontaneously.

The most important thing is not to rush. We are not getting anywhere. We’re not going somewhere. We are retreating back toward essence. We are retreating back toward what is internal, interior and subjective and can only be known in that way. In other words, we’re not looking for some “experience” of wholeness or compassion; we’re just looking for the simple abiding in that Reality.

Attention is sacred. I want to point you now to your attention, which is the doorway into Consciousness; a subtle doorway. Attention is based within listening, within simply opening the mind. Opening the mind is simply the by-product of tuning into the present, without any forceful strategy — just out of simple love, just finding that place in you that is already quite healed.

There’s a part of you that has never been hurt no matter what you’ve been though. There’s a part of you that is inviolable that cannot be touched by anything external. Once you begin to understand that you start to intuit its location.

So let me invite you into that inquiry, that kind of inquiry; not deliberate self-inquiry but feeling-inquiry into your own existence. And feel your self not separate from me — I don’t want you to do this separately — but in conjunction with what’s happening now with me. Come into a relationship with me, a feeling based connection, one in which your understanding can become illumined.

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