Always Being That, August 5, 2011

Always Being That, August 5, 2011

If you are lucky you’ll begin to realize you are always living in That. Always, not sometimes. You’ll get rid of this idea of always and sometimes and then what’s left over is always. Always does not mean sometimes extended in time; lots of sometimes all adding together, so you have enough sometimes that then you say “it’s all the time”, no. That means no always, no sometime – always. So you have to learn this freakish kind of logic. That way both sides of your brain will get it. I remember I took a hike a few weeks ago down at Phoenix Lake and we went around. You know it’s just so unbelievable. I don’t know who to tell these things to. There was just That the whole time. I mean there was nothing. It was like I didn’t even touch the ground the whole time. What is that? But it’s so intimate and so natural that I won’t even think of making any notation further beyond that noticing. That’s it, I could care less if it ever came again like that. So I’m already set to leave it alone. Even if everything, every treasure of every realization was dumped at my feet, I’d get up and walk away. Because whatever ends up being shown to you is not it in the end. It’s only a perception. But if it’s ongoing you’ll have a perception. You’ll know it’s the living reality and then you enjoy it. You just enjoy it. You realize that you are always That for ever and ever, for all time, eternity. But eternity doesn’t mean indefinitely into the future. We have to create a new freakish vocabulary where you understand what eternity means. This is all about redefining knowledge, reinventing concepts too. It’s not just about getting some abstract transcendental experience. It’s about reconstructing the pathways of knowledge and to do that you have to go in with your hands, your bear naked hands and rewire things in the way that only you can do. I’ll help you but you have to actually do it. You have to be the doer of your own realization. Believe me, I’ll do like 98%. There might be only a couple of things you need to do in the end. There’s so much grace. So much happens through grace. Grace is so important.

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