The Impact of Bliss, September 17, 2014

The Impact of Bliss, September 17, 2014

Orley: “From a Participant in Peru: ‘Emotions like sadness, which comes with identification with a certain story, are very difficult for me. I’d like to just rest from everything. Could you please talk about how to deal with them?’”

David: See if you can let your emotions become attracted to this Bliss and have them attach to the Bliss. What I am talking about here is a simple displacement of the direction of the emotions and an appreciation for the all-pervasive Bliss that will arise in spite of any emotion.

At the same time, even though the Bliss arises independent of any emotional arising, it’s still necessary for a human being to connect within their own attention, the Bliss with the emotional structure and that will result in a feeling of devotion, love and extreme happiness.

It’s not possible to oppose the momentum of the emotions on their own level. Emotions are strong and when a human subjectivity is feeling like a victim or controlled by certain emotions, trying to wrestle the emotions apart from their attachments is very difficult.

But what is not so difficult is to engage your emotional nature toward this Bliss that we feel together. Let your emotions arise and be happy in that Bliss-Field. First the Bliss has to be detected. Once it is detected you might find a human happiness coming into the equation. So it’s not just impersonal Bliss, but it’s also the happiness of the emotional structure in relationship to the arising Bliss. Let them fuse. Let them come together.

What you should not be concerned about is trying to dissolve your own story. You cannot take a negative approach toward Realization: that is, one that is based on conflict – conflict between one part of your being and another.

So you have to dissolve that conflict by first understanding that there is nothing you can do, except put yourself in a position where Grace becomes available. The Grace, in the case of this teaching, will manifest as the impact of Bliss upon the body and mental structure. That will create release, release from the pattern; release from the story.

But the release from the story is never achieved on the basis of trying to end the story, or reacting to the story in any way. So put down this idea that you have to do something first in order to be free. Just come as you are. Let yourself be naked here. You don’t need to be in some modified state before you can enter into a relationship with me and with the Bliss itself.

Let’s start right now. It’s not possible for us to deal with what you recognize to be a pattern in your life. You cannot approach a pattern, an abstract pattern, which essentially is an interpretation and also a concept – a concept brought forward from the past into this moment.

So let’s engage in an innocent play together, in which the Shakti, Divine Light and Devotional Feeling can enter into your being right now. Then, if that happens, let me hear what you have to say, at that point. I’d interested to know about whether and to what degree there is a transformation in what you are perceiving to be a problem right now.

Orley: “The Participant responds, ‘I perceive a vibration in all my body and a silent peace.’”

David: Let me know when the peace becomes Bliss – if it does.

Orley: “The Participant in Peru says, ‘I don’t know if this is Bliss. Do you mean a physical sensation of Bliss?’”

David: The physical could be included in the experience. But the word Bliss, translated from the Sanskrit word ananda, means fullness of happiness, satisfaction, inundation with a kind of spiritualized pleasure, happiness, contentment.

Bliss is a term to describe the fullness-quality of the Absolute, not just the empty quality. When we talk about the empty quality of the Absolute, we mean its void-like nature, or its empty nature: empty of things, empty of experience. Therefore, that denotes a kind of negative aspect of the Absolute.

When I turn you toward Bliss and the recognition of it, I am asking you to perceive the radiant quality of the Absolute – its shiny or glistening aspect, which creates, as it reflects into the brain, a kind of luminosity.

It also saturates the heart in satisfaction, contentment, happiness, joy, fullness, overflowing fullness of satisfaction. It means all those things. It means more than what I just pointed to. There’s something even inexpressible about what Bliss is except that it is a massive field of Satisfaction and Energy and Light.

Orley: “From New York: ‘In the Webcast this morning I felt huge gratitude but I could not identity Bliss. Tonight I am blown away with Bliss and I actually feel that I can see radiant beauty in your form and feel that beauty in this moment so powerfully.’

David: That’s wonderful. Accept these gifts with great humility and love and understand that a gift is a gift. A gift can never be possessed. It cannot be acquired. It cannot be lost. It can only be enjoyed, and for no reason other than it is what is real. It is what is the case, in this context of the Transmission of the Self, or Transmission of Light, Energy and Feeling. Just keep coming into this and see what develops inside of you, of your whole being. Just keep on engaging this to no end, to no foreseeable end, without looking for any particular result, not being prejudiced in any way like that, staying innocent, open, full of generosity, and so on.

Orley: “From Peru: ‘I feel everything is okay, like nothing can disturb this Being-ness and sadness is welcome here. It’s not here anymore, actually.’”

David: That’s a very keen recognition. It’s good that you’re looking in this way and that you can describe your experience, so simply and so accurately.

As I was saying to the previous viewer, who made such a beautiful comment, let’s engage this in a way where we feel free from the desire to end this connection. In other words, try not to see this, as a simple step in a direction you are taking in your life, but instead, let this step be the only step.

Don’t use me as a means to an end. Become everything with me. Become everything in me. If you have that attitude you will revoke the linear, goal-directed mind and embrace more generous spirit.
You will release the grasping that causes limitation and disappointment and you will begin to enter into a different kind of experience, one that goes on and on. This requires continual Recognition, the continual help of Grace, the reception of Spiritual Current, or Spiritual Radiance, and a willingness to work through, that is, to abide with whatever comes up; to let everything go and therefore to return back into this Bliss-Field, this Bliss-Condition, which is just the Nature of Self.

Orley: “The Participant from Peru comments, ‘Now I know I can merge sadness into the peace.’”

David: Don’t say “I can.” Just say that sadness merges into peace. We can get rid of the “I-factor” and accept it as a gift, as a non-attainment. When you have very deep spiritual experiences and you don’t attach to the attainment aspect of it, you get the best result, you get the most powerful effect.
In this way, there is nothing for the “me.” There is nothing for the “me” to grasp or hold, possess or own. The “me” will be seen through naturally, effortlessly and if it’s not seen through it will become identified with Bliss. So don’t worry about the “seeing-through” language. Don’t get caught there. All the language I use is just a tool. It’s just there to help you release into this openness. Then, the miraculous powers of Being will convince you of the rest; of whatever you need to see, whatever you need to understand.

The key is to let it happen spontaneously, without contracting. If contraction happens, then that’s just part of what arises, as “what is” – in “what is” – so it’s just to be noticed and then it will be bypassed naturally without any specific kind of strategy to ameliorate it. So just relax and Be Easy.

Don’t worry about anything. Nothing can hold back this Bliss. You can imagine something called ignorance and make an argument that it prevents Bliss from coming through, Realization from coming through, but that’s just mind-stuff, that’s just intellectual argument.

The truth is that the ground of Being, as it arises in experience has more potency, more dissolving power, more activating power, than any other phenomenon. So It’s It’s Own Teaching. It’s not subordinate to anything else. It’s not subordinate to psychology or psychological theories. It’s not subordinate to religion and theological theories.

The Self, as pure being, is what realizes. There’s only one Self. There’s only one Being. It’s not “out there” nor is it “in here.” It’s an omnipresent field. It’s in all directions. It has no particular beginning or ending. It’s Pure Recognition. It’s Pure Understanding. It’s Pure Feeling. It’s Pure Knowing. There’s nothing outside of It.

That’s the call to Understanding and also the call to Taste It. Both – both are necessary.

Continue a gentle meditation schedule at home. Put some space aside, some time aside, to perform sacred practices, practices which are done in a very loving way, to remember the Bliss that is always present. If you are having a difficult time due to the conditions of the world, or to the conditions of your subjectivity, then put some time aside in your daily life, on a daily basis, to enjoy a continuation of what we do here together.

You can still come back here even after you construct your own schedule, your own practice. Whatever you construct should be simple and basic and in tune with your intuitive nature, which means: it grasps, it inherently grasps, the way awakening happens spontaneously and it simply cultures that, it further cultures that phenomenon – just what you experience here, you could say.


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