Thank you to the Friends this website for sharing their favorite David Spero quotes.

  • If you want your humanness to live inside your Realization, then your heart has to become open and broken like that, completely, both in happiness and in sorrow.
  • Consciousness is sacred.
  • My Spiritual Transmission is not relayed from point A to point B. It rises in all directions as the Supreme Reality.
  • It‘s very simple, once you begin to grasp that your freedom is just beyond the edge of your mind.
  • Bliss is the Self. The Self is Bliss. They are one.
  • The real journey happens in the gut, arises as naturally as lust and hunger and without delay delivers one to the Feet of the Master or the Self, who are One and the Same.
  • Realization is more like non-being than it is like being.
  • Only Ecstasy speaks the language of the Heart.
  • Take a breath. Relax right into where you are. Let yourself be easy.
  • Only a really big fire can destroy all the lies born from worldly and spiritual experience.