Realization Is Effortless, August 09, 2007

Realization Is Effortless, August 09, 2007

And each time we come here, it’s just like this. We start off anew. We start off with innocence, a kind of freshness in spirit that allows us to wander freely in our own awareness, in our own consciousness. The key word is wander. You don’t have to find this awakened quality. It will become born within you. You don’t need to seek after it.

There are different modalities of transmission that are active here, now, and that will guide you, that will meet you where you are, fuse into your energetic composition, into your personal energy, and then help you to expand from within that state that’s yours, that’s totally you.

And you’ll see that, when you listen, here, you’re not really listening logically, or exclusively with your reasoning capacity, but you’re listening with a kind of easeful wakefulness. You’re relaxing into your innocence, which already is listening, which already is capable of hearing, knowing, understanding and feeling and therefore it’s also capable of awakening.

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