A Subjectively Radicalized Existence

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Moderator: From Seattle, "If ones entire nervous system is alive with the movement of divine energy and this radiates to others, is that sahaja samadhi or can this happen prior to sahaja samadhi?"

David: Yes it can happen prior, most definitely. The transmission of radiant bliss, radiant energy, radiant consciousness can be an aspect of sahaja samadhi realization. It does not have to be. It could be less flashy then that. It could be extremely ordinary looking, even, except to an educated viewer. That is, someone looking out of the proper viewpoint and out of the proper state of being. They will begin to see immediately that that's a revolutionary or revolutionized life. It’s a subjectively radicalized existence in the sense that what is coming through on the surface of that skin is highly unusual in human affairs.

It’s seldom realized and therefore it has the quality of really being more freakish than human because it’s so uncommon. If someone were to show up tomorrow with green skin, lime green skin, you would be shocked. It would look freakish to you, at least for a few moments. That's only because it’s not ordinarily seen, but if thousands of people started showing up after that, you would begin to acclimate to green skinned people. So cosmically inebriated human beings in sahaja samadhi are rare but should many of them be produced the entire consciousness of the planet would be affected by that and it would become less freaky or freakish.