The One Who Is Laughing

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David: We need to prep your understanding, so that it carries the knowledge I am That, not I am not That, not I am not worthy of That, but I am That already; not to be taken casually or flippantly into your consciousness, not to take that I am That knowledge and then just casually say, “That's what I am.” But, in a very innocent and natural way your mind might be spontaneously educated to favor that view that your own highest self is not very far from you. It can't be, that you are the light most immediately, not tomorrow not next week. Sure, you might live into it tomorrow and into next week. So, there's both the time element of evolution where you literally do go through days, weeks, months, years of growing in a human sense as your body-mind adapts to your realization, but then there’s the other part that recognizes that this only takes place in an immediate context. So, it's both. It’s like the Sun coming up. Once it's up it’s up. Right? The whole side of this planet is lit up, but it still traverses doesn't it? It still goes through an arc of rise and descent. So, obviously it's not the Sun. We’re just talking that strange language where we think the Sun moves, but you know what I mean, that the Earth is spinning and rotating around the Sun, and those two factors create the feeling that the Sun goes from here to there. And so too, the light in your life will seem to evolve and get bigger and brighter, and then it’ll set, and then there’ll be another day of more sunshine.

Participant 1: (laughs)

David: Why are you laughing?

P1: Because there’s a recognition of the suffering can end in just an instant.

David: Yes.

P1: Because there's been a choice point made.

David: There’s been?

P1: Kind of a choice point of entry of a moment of truth, that’s….

David: Did that enter now?

P1: Mm.

David: How does that enter, tell me? How would you describe it? Is it merely listening and understanding or is it something else, or is it listening and understanding plus something else?

P1: The laughter came from another place.

David: Ah, this is very important. What other place? Let's go into this just a little bit if we can. Maybe we can. Maybe we can’t.

P1: Spontaneous joy of the one, the one who’s laughing.

David: The one who’s laughing.

P1: Yeah.

David: Good, we’ve covered it now.


Beautiful dialogue!