The Ocean Of Liberated Bliss - Part 2

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Transcription coming soon.


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By luciham20

This is definitely a great message to ponder on! Thank you so much.
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By Chris889

The mood of meditation is the mood of sublimity itself. This sublime feeling can be described as the inner being falling into itself, the inner being bowing down to itself, surrendering into itself, so that, for a short moment, there is no other, no sense of otherness, no object-based perception. This is what I mean by the sublime. It means to be released of oneself, transcend oneself, easily, without friction, without effort, without fear. It’s a joy to feel one's life merge into That which is beyond it.
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By LucyM

I've really been enjoying your stuff David, it helps me a lot! Great perspectives to learn and apply, thank you.
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By PaulT

One of David's most delicious talks! I Love this one! Brilliant!!! Thank you David for the immense super nova of life force that you are!!! Jai David!! Namaste!