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It’s in this kind of condition...this condition that is arising all on its own, that anything can be transmuted into bliss. No matter how dense your suffering is. There is a very distinct possibility that your own experience, just as it is, can be churned so deeply into that Consciousness that is Absolute. That what it begins to arise in you, is liberation, moksha. You'll notice distinctly that suffering does not and cannot enter that. You're actually beyond bodily consciousness, even though your body might be operating.

It's a very high samadhi. It's a very high state. It may be the highest state. I say “maybe” again, to be polite. I hate stating things authoritatively. So I'll say “maybe” even when I mean it's absolute. I'll still say “maybe” because I know I'm operating in language. So there is only “maybe” in language, maybe this, maybe not this. That kind of certainty that the word absolute points towards, points beyond language. It points towards some kind of riveting level of understanding or experience that's really beyond the mind. So to speak, I use my mind here. My mind uses words and there is “maybe”.