The Light of the Self

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Moderator: From Sebastopol a comment, “Wow, as you where talking about Sahaja-samadhi everything got so bright.”

David: That’s the light of transmission. That’s a clear experience, a clear witnessing to the power of radiated consciousness which can take on the form of even an apparent light, a divine light we can say, only because it’s not a light that’s produced from some relative source. The word divine light just means it’s a non-relative form of light, a light that is Self generated, generated out of the Self. The Self meaning the Absolute, pure bliss of the Absolute. That light is the light of your own self. You may experience it through this transmission that is offered here, but it’s not limited in a direct causal way to something that might be called “me”. This is something that is radiated fully in itself, in all directions to itself. You, as the recipient, are that self also. You are the self. The self is what is beholding that light, not the limited individuality, although it can be noted and commented on by the mind, as this person just shared.