Graceful Recognition

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The right understanding is that you are in this unborn reality all the time, and I'm inviting you to recognize it with both precision and depth to such an extent that you can declare, “I am that.” But, there must be grace and gracefulness in your recognition, appreciation and detachment so you don't get caught in the machinations of the mind as you're realizing and therefore let that disturb your natural process of awakening.

Stay intent on what's happening or unfolding in you now, and begin to notice that innocently, not because I'm telling you to. I'm nobody. I have nothing. I'm just this mouthpiece up here. I'm a hologram, but a hologram that can be very useful to you even though I'm appearing here along with your body-mind. Our body-minds are all together in this room, all holograms. We're getting to that core which is non-holographic, simple Being, simple Consciousness.


There is clearly no teacher/avatar as articulate, clear and pristine as you David on the planet! Thank you for taking birth.