A Flashing Within Silence

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Now the energy’s getting very high. Are you aware of this? Good. You feel this happening? It’s just happening. That quietness is a cauldron of energy highly active. People think of quietness
as the opposite of active, right? There's activity and then there's silence. But, what if within that silence there is an ongoing activity, an activity that is being birthed from within the silence, so that all action is vibrationally present at the root of that silence. That's a whole different appreciation of what silence is because you don't see in creation, in this world or this universe that there's a place where silence is and then a place where action is. It’s all happening as an ongoing context.

Even at night, literal night when the sun sets, lots of animals come out and hunt and do all kinds of things. Life and nature remain active in the silence, and in the day many go into hibernation and attain silence when everything else is active. So, you see that paradox in the functioning of the world. It's not so easy to know where silence begins and action ends.

So, deep profound realization might include this feeling that even desire, the perturbation of desire is a form of action that's happening within that silence. So, you don't need to separate out truth from reality or action from silence. You don't have to separate those things out as though they're in different compartments. Meditation and traditions that espouse meditation give this idea that you have to go somewhere else outside or outside the world or inside yourself to attain that silence. And to some extent from a practical point of view at least at the beginning of your sadhana that might be true, because you're just so caught up in action. But, now sitting here with me, you can I think feel that there is a flashing quality within the silence, an intensity, a pressure of communication of pressurized Bliss of fullness. I’m wondering if you can sense this.