An Exploration of Consciousness Part 3

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This atmosphere that we create here is something unique each time. For those of you who’ve come again and again and again, you know that we start off in a particular place, whatever that place happens to be. We may not even give it a label. And then through feeling together: you feeling me, me feeling you, me feeling my words as I speak, you feeling the message behind the words as it relates to your life, there's a subtle and expansive movement in consciousness that happens. It's spontaneous. I call it “Spontaneous Heart Awakening.” It includes ascending meditation (believe it or not), it includes descending meditation, it includes devotion, it includes unity of subject and object then it goes on to include sahaja samadhi and the actual divine Mother consciousness itself.

You may say, "How can you say that? That sounds so presumptuous." I say it just because it's my direct experience. I say it because it happens. It's unpremeditated, unrehearsed. It's really an exploration of consciousness. We are exploring consciousness together in an innocent and non-pretentious way. You can feel the movement of the Kundalini-shakti here, this up-and-down moving current. It's a bodily vitality, or you can call it the “life current,” this spiritual current or currents, that flow through the human nervous system. It is an awakened atmosphere. Who's awakened? Consciousness is awakened, not “me,” consciousness is awake. Consciousness is as natural as nature, natural as the wind or the movement of the sun. Only in many beings it's not awakened. Here, somehow, through grace it manifests, that's all we know. No one can take credit for it. It's not some kind of attainment; it's a gift. It's a precious gift of the heart.

So, we're moving deeply into That now, with no effort. We're moving in it, we're swimming in it, we're feeling it. Each person is left undisturbed and protected in their integrity and in their innocence here. There's no lifestyle that goes along with this gift. There's no way of life you have to live to keep this gift, to hold on to it. Will some of you lose it? Yes, but who cares? Remember, it's not your possession anyway. Let it flow through you. Be reminded of something when it's flowing through you and then just let everything go. Go on living as before. If it's real, if it's something real, it'll stay with you in spite of the fact that you forget it. It'll remember you.

There's a kind of arrogance with “being the doer” all the time. We think we have to do everything. But when it comes to spiritual awakening it's just the opposite, it's about no-doing. It's about learning how to listen. Naturally, when you listen, the mind becomes silent, it falls silent. In that silence, if there is a spiritual transmission, you will receive, automatically.

Perhaps some of the spiritual concepts you've inherited will not work in this room. I can tell you that none of them will work, because we're not functioning in a conceptual framework, at least when I'm doing this Yoga with you like this; it's not conceptual. If you do certain types of yogas, meditations, techniques, practices, then continue to do them even after you leave if you want to. Or don't do them, I don't know what's good for you. You've got to find out.

There are the words and then there is That which is beyond the words. Drink That without inhibition. No one's watching you. It's not like you’re taking a shower here and you have to worry about who may be peeking. It's deeper than body scrubs. [Laughter] There is a naked feeling when you become vulnerable, when you become silent, when you become innocent. That you begin to open in all the different centers, your head begins to open in consciousness. Your head empties out its thoughts, its incessant thought processes, and there's a feeling of, ooh, this is very vulnerable, this is very, very exquisitely vulnerable. That's exactly the atmosphere that I want you to feel.

Like, we don't look at each other, we look into each other, we look through each other. This is the kind of atmosphere the Buddha taught in. That atmosphere is actually your own inner Self. That whole field of innocence and vulnerability is actually what you are. So, we must be very delicate with each other, even after this sitting together; respect that people could be going through huge transformations within an hour.

Any questions?

It's very sublime, very silent. If you ask a question, see if you sense it coming out of that silence, if you can't, ignore it. You may say, "Well if you're in that silence, what question could there be?" Sometimes there are questions that would come up.

It's most important to just let yourself go into meditation. Just find that thread, that magic thread that goes into the invisible, and just sense the connection between you and the thread.