I'm Everywhere with You

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You’re all equal to me. Everyone’s equal. It’s just your approach. Whatever your approach is.... I don’t favor anyone, but I’m just as much on you completely, individually, as I am on her. I’m "on you." Even if I’m looking here a lot and I don’t look there, I’m on you. I’m with you. So, at that right moment, when we need to meet, we’re going to meet. Even if you’re over there and I’m looking here talking to her; if you’ll need to be met there you’ll be met at the right instant. That Force itself will find you. When you’re ripe, there’s no worry - you’ll be found.

Somehow, coming into the arena of the attention of a humanly Embodied Master, that Field will itself begin to monitor your progress; beyond the mind of a teacher; beyond his or her relative mind. So, you have to begin to have a kind of faith in this very deep reality that I’m speaking about. You have to have a real conviction in the indissoluble nature of that inherent Non-dual Reality. You have to begin to be convicted that I’m everywhere with you or that Consciousness is everywhere with you. Like I said, if you are a devotional type, you’ll say "it’s David". If you are not a devotional type, you’ll say it’s Being or Consciousness. There’s no insult accrued here. I don’t care how you think of me.

At some point your attention will just fall away, just have the Void begin to move in on you, where you’ll be caught red-handed as Nothingness. There’s nothing you’re going to be able to do about it. You’ll be nailed right there in any given moment, perhaps in the most innocent moment. You’ll be revealed to yourself. In other words, Being will presence in that flash. And that’s it! You won’t be able to hide from it. You won’t be able to run. Even if you don’t feel deserving you will still be given the vision. So, here no one is more deserving than anybody else. We are all on the same boat, right, on the Milk-Ocean, going here and there.