Everything Arising as God

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You’ll find that the enlightened form does become beautiful, not through exclusory separation though, not through some kind of agenda that it thinks it’s great. It’s at this point when you begin to detect that the energy of the universe is in you. It’s embedded in that silence and it apparently comes out of that silence in order to worship itself and the go back in. That’s pretty cool. That’s one of the coolest things you can ever come across in a human birth, is the self worshiping nature of existence, that existence is really high on itself. It’s really turned on in the most extreme way over its own form. But it’s just showing itself as god. It doesn’t have any reference point. It’s not showing itself as god to anything. Which is why everything arising as god is just god showing itself to god. It’s a singleness. It’s a single happening. It’s non-dual.

Are you into this? I’m really into this, not the words but what the feelings are that are conjured in the midst of this kind of discussion. Words are just words. But if you find your consciousness changing hearing these kinds of things, you know that your own being is performing this act of self-worship. It’s worshiping itself as the highest in the universe, which you are, which is what you are. There is nothing higher than you. No one is higher than you. There is no one like you. You are absolutely unique and irreplaceable. And you are also the universalized consciousness, most sublime.

There’s got to be a place where we can talk like this, where we can disengage ourselves from the societal and political discourses that turn the human being into some kind of economic automaton. We have to break free of being part of a destructive community, a community that is inherently un-self-worshipful, that is more interested in arranging and rearranging the members of society, the human members, than actually celebrating existence.


Wow David, you said it all, I am making printed copies to try and affect 'others', beautifully spoken. Having looked at videos of teachers I used to listen to at the Advaita level the other day, it was like trying to drink from an empty cup, watching them, especially when one is feeling self fulfilled from transmission of Shakti, which the non-duality promoters of the Absolute persistently ignore. What did I ever see as important in those people? It all sounds too hollow and meaningless now that the Shakti is loving and enjoying itself, who needs a 'pocketful of mumbles'?--George

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