Beyond the Knot of Separation

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That knot of separation is a core of fear. It’s a kind of revulsion toward everything. A sense of not being at peace, of not feeling relaxed beyond your knowing process, relaxed beyond action. Right?

Weird things start to happen when you get through that knot, reality becomes different. Something bursts open. There’s a kind of explosion, an implosion in consciousness once you penetrate that knot. You know, recognize it for completely what it is, and then don’t even mind it. Don’t try to dissolve it. Don’t fix it. Don’t transcend it. Don’t apply any spiritual solution to it. Don’t get caught up with that.

Once you penetrate beyond the knot then there’s only play. Nothing is serious. Nothing is definitive. There are no facts. There’s no morality. There’s nothing. There’s no sense of right and wrong. In that sense it’s play, there’s just a play that goes on. A play that is playing in its own momentum apart from whoever you think you are or wherever you think you were born. And you are drawn into this play. Your body-mind is drawn into it. Just the way the waves on the ocean are drawn into a kind of drama of drawing back, and then coming forward, and bursting on the shore, and then drawing back. Get caught up in this play. The body-mind is caught up in the play of action, there’s no way out. It doesn’t matter though, it’s not a problem. Birth and death is that movement. Away and in, life, death, breath in, breath out, body born, body dies. All of that is the wave of relativity. It just goes on and on. It has no beginning. That too is eternal. It has no end. It’s motivated simply by some kind of energy; an energy that is also non-dual.

You get back behind the knot. You begin to really feel this exquisite sense of having been released from the contradiction of born existence. You really begin to revel in that. You don’t talk about it. You don’t think about it. You never think about it. But it becomes a known reality.