Audio/Video Library Subscription

David offers an audio/video library subscription.

The subscription includes access to 50 already published full-length videos and audios.

Streaming occurs on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Each month new video and audio recordings will be added to the subscription library.

The subscription is to be paid in full and there will be no refunds.

Subscription Options

One Month Access
Total Due: $50

Three Month Access
Total Due: $120

One Year Access
Total Due: $420

In the presence of an Awakened Being who has come into the full feeling of the Heart, the Heart-Consciousness, these so-called obstacles whether they are real or imagined can be transcended, rapidly. That means there’s a Dissolving Power that emanates out of the Awakened Heart, the power of Dissolution itself. This Dissolution impacts, penetrates, into the body-mind of the recipient, the Heart-Friend and melts the density that seems to prevent Heart-Awakening from occurring.

The Ocean of Liberated Bliss



Totally elevating of both heart and spirit to connect with David in this divine fashion; such sweet, nectarous serenity that can barely be put into words. The heart is simply elevated.


Absolute Godhead

Sitting with you, David, is always like being touched by the Absolute Godhead. I couldn’t be more blessed than to know you. I love you. Thank you.

Rob H.

Your Grace

The deluge and effulgence of Your Grace immerses and caresses this vessel of Being with Love! The willing descent into the fathomless depths of Consciousness reveal a radiant and timeless peace where That which is holy and beyond time, is All and Nothing!


Ecstatic Bliss

I’m still feeling the most Ecstatic Bliss from last weekend’s magnificent events. Tonight’s meditation fuels those flames of Joy in always being with You!



I am so grateful that David, the personality, chooses to direct ”his” physical, emotional, mental energies towards these Live Offerings. His being and doing in form this way provides an invaluable stepping stone for those of us still struggling to find our way back to the original Self.