Thank you to the Friends this website for sharing their favorite David Spero quotes.

  • Love is Now and with it comes Trust and Innocence.
  • There’s no way out except for Love and Grace.
  • There is no Realization in the mind and there is no Realization outside the mind.
  • To float in “I am That” is to float in “We are Love."
  • Arrive nowhere and soon you will be everywhere.
  • Let us be gracious and appreciative of this delight, this exquisite moment, precious and unfathomable.
  • The Secret is in you. The Love is in you.
  • Let's enjoy Ecstatic Communion with the Living Reality.
  • Right in this moment you can feel the Self-activating nature of the Shakti, which is Bliss.
  • The consciousness of the market-place - of buying and selling, of commerce - is destroying our planet.