Thank you to the Friends this website for sharing their favorite David Spero quotes.

  • Commune innocently in the Bliss of Infinite Grace.
  • The separate subject is integral to the process of realization.
  • The consciousness of the market-place - of buying and selling, of commerce - is destroying our planet.
  • Love and devotion express that inherent oneness with the Divine.
  • This is about unwrapping and unraveling the mind itself and opening it to the Source-Consciousness.
  • To float in “I am That” is to float in “We are Love."
  • Only a really big fire can destroy all the lies born from worldly and spiritual experience.
  • The real journey happens in the gut, arises as naturally as lust and hunger and without delay delivers one to the Feet of the Master or the Self, who are One and the Same.
  • Opening one's heart is simple, like the blossoming of a flower.
  • It's made very simple here. Just see me and feel me.