Thank you to the Friends this website for sharing their favorite David Spero quotes.

  • You perfect a kind of homogenization of your experience and your understanding by naturally giving yourself into it.
  • To see right you have to know that you are God.
  • There's no Realization, nor any Realizer of It. There's only "what is."
  • There is no Realization in the mind and there is no Realization outside the mind.
  • Let Love be your guide.
  • Bliss-Consciousness is the nature of the mind.
  • The conditioned cannot impede or obstruct the Unconditioned.
  • The consciousness of the market-place - of buying and selling, of commerce - is destroying our planet.
  • Right in this moment you can feel the Self-activating nature of the Shakti, which is Bliss.
  • My Spiritual Transmission is a simultaneity, an absolute happening.