Thank you to the Friends this website for sharing their favorite David Spero quotes.

  • To be fully awakened is to be more than Self-Realized.
  • Bliss is the Self. The Self is Bliss. They are one.
  • Innocence is the path to the Heart.
  • Let us be gracious and appreciative of this delight, this exquisite moment, precious and unfathomable.
  • The Infinite, Formless Being births Itself into relativity and lives and dies there.
  • The Ultimate Realization, then, pivots back and forth, going from relative to Absolute, and vice versa, without any permanent place of actual abidance. One might call this "Devotional Advaita."
  • It’s cool – there’s no higher God than you.
  • You perfect a kind of homogenization of your experience and your understanding by naturally giving yourself into it.
  • The Self is reflected into the brain as Divine Light.
  • We’re creating an enlightened spiritual family here.