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David offers "Darshan and Dialogue" on Wednesday from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. and 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. On one Saturday each month he offers a longer "Darshan and Dialogue" from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 5 - 6:30 p.m. During the COVID-19 epidemic, all webcasts are free. Programs are broadcasted on Mountain Time, USA. Click here for more information.


CoVID-19 Fee Policy

* Only gifts accepted from Mach 9, 2020 - present.
* All events are tuition free.
* All payments through this website are gifts.


  • To float in “I am That” is to float in “We are Love."

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Sign ups for David's Intensives can be done on the Calendar Page and then clicking into the event details of interest.


Newly Released "Public Program" Downloads

A Divine Anarchy, September 25, 2009, Larkspur, CA; Shakti In The Sacred Web Of Reality, September 26, 2009, Petaluma, CA; The Unnameable, September 29, 2009, Larkspur, CA
Beyond Anxiety, September 29, 2019, Berkeley, CA; Love Is The Destination, March 6, 2020, Sedona, AZ; Inquiry Into Love, April 29, 2018, Sedona, AZ
Undying Recognition Of What Is, January 17, 2020, Sedona, AZ; Enter Into Your Experience, January 24, 2020, Sedona, AZ
Absolute All Pervading Consciousness, September 14, 2009, Palm Springs; The Self Is Elusive, September 22, 2009, San Francisco
Place Graciousness Before Grace, September 12, 2009, San Francisco, CA

Newly Released "Webcast" Downloads

Linear Consciousness vs. Spontaneous Functioning; Shakti And Human Health; Evolving In The Bliss Current; Flowering Of The Ultimate; Ingesting Spiritual Realization; Reality Cannot Be Objectified
Examining Greed, October, 23, 2019, Sedona, AZ; Moving Through Negativity To The Ultimate, July 24, 2019, Sedona, AZ; Ecstasy And The Enlightened State, April 24, 2019, Sedona, AZ; Darshan Is A Spontaneous Movement, January 16, 2019, Sedona, AZ
Morning and Evening Webcasts, September 9, 2015; Evening Webcast, September 16, 2015; Go Beyond Analysis, September 23, 2015
Gentle Self-Recognition, Sep 19, 2015; Silent Darshan, Sep 19, 2015
Spiritual Passion, September 23, 2009; ; To Be Special Is To Be Unique, July 25, 2018; Everything Lives In Consciousness, September 30th, 2009; The Truth Of Being, October 17th, 2018; 'Web Combined' has two programs (See description)


Participants' Testimonials

Life Altering

[I felt] deep penetration of Bliss and Love that translated into a powerful release! This communion is so life altering to the core; so much love and appreciation! Namaste.


It’s so good to sit with you again, such a deep peace and powerful expansiveness today–so much Holiness in your Darshan. Thank you, David. I love you.
Rob H.

Divine Eco-system

After the morning Webcast, I felt like I was kayaking and David was my guide. We are traversing a booming divine eco-system. After the evening Webcast, I felt like I was a jet flying through random cloud formations; felt more present than I ever have as I practiced David's suggestion of resting in what arises. What a boon, David's Darshan. It's dawning on me that It's happening all the time. Thank you, Beloved Friend.

Sacred Fire

[I am] Gently Falling so deeply and completely into the Sacred Fire of Your Transmission that any sense of individuality is lost as communion becomes union; Being/Consciousness inherently knowing and aware of itself. Your transcendent Grace so lovingly and eternally radiated from an embodied emissary of the Absolute! Grace befalls this pilgrim showing the way home. With Great Love!