You Are That

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Participant: So, it's relatively easy to be in this space and feel the Energy -- but how to be in the world and still feel like you're in the Energy?

David: We take steps very slowly here, just one step at a time.

By the time this Energy flowers, there may not be any world for you to deal with!

So, when we try to understand this from our human point of view, as a series of sequential steps in development of Consciousness, we do so at our own peril; because we really don't know what this is going to flower into.

And we’re going to be quite shocked, when the Whole Thing begins to really make Itself known to you. You're going to be in utter Transcendental Bewilderment.

Don't worry about the world.

In the meantime, just do the best you can. Use your intelligence, the good mind that was given to you. Use that mind to adapt with this growing Consciousness that’s happening within you now.

And have confidence in yourself. Don't think lowly of yourself. Always think highly of yourself. Think, "I am the Full Consciousness." Marry yourself to that declaration, that "I am That,” “I am the Absolute.” There’s nothing higher than my own Self.

Once you adopt that, then these experiences tend to find their way towards stabilization, because you've given it a huge area with which to adapt. But if you have something of a smaller understanding and you start to get these experiences, then the experiences don't integrate that well with the understanding of the mind.


Love this!