Consciousness Is the Fabric of Existence

Consciousness is the fabric of existence, of Being, and the more I realized this, the more my participation with the infinite joy of life.

When lost in the mundane I think of myself as occupying the space of my body and in possession of Consciousness. How did that happen? Apparently, in this state, I think there is some unknown I need to know about my existence and the existence of the world I encounter, there is dissatisfaction. I am aware human beings have proposed countless questions and devised systems of thought, belief and practice in response to this basic dissatisfaction. Dispensing with speculation about some future understanding, however, I can notice the immediate potent immensity of Being.

I have an intuition of the immeasurable attending the infinite scope of existence in space. Always portending is the power of all possible action in relationships between an unlimited manifestation of multiplicity. Potent or manifested, it is Consciousness. Counter-intuitive is the notion that Consciousness emerges as an element among the manifested multiplicity of entities, the measurable entities. Intuitively, however, I know Being as Consciousness, as manifested in space, occupied or not by the multiplicity.

Consciousness, when, tasting the awakened heart is experienced as the breath of all the elements, the entities, of manifested multiplicity. Consciousness alone manifests, breathes, it is not brought about by a process. My body obtains sensory input from the world that it retains and utilizes while generating output to its environment. This process takes place in the fabric of Consciousness.

The most refined action of my body occurs in the brain. Raw sensory input is retained as memory in cellular structures maintaining a physical correlate for experience. Memory is output expressed as names and forms associated with the material structures accessed. Thought is this expression of the past, is it not? Thought is happening in the medium of Consciousness.

Thought is a decent into the past. I know nothing new is created by thought. The future I imagine, being rooted in thought alone, can produce nothing new; yet this modality for taking action in the world is the habit I perpetuate in the mundane state. In that I am joined by the vast majority of humanity at the current stage of evolution. A novel stage of evolution emerging initially in a small minority of humanity is literally happening now. This is what I taste.

I can notice the immediate potent immensity of Being as Consciousness. This potency is not restricted by the conception of non-existence, that is, that it did not exist and then did – or that it will exist later only when some conditions are attained or maintained. The more I realize this the more participation with the infinite joy of life. I taste this Bliss in the clarity of Consciousness, thereby as Being, as one without a second, as no one who will be someone. My folly or yours would be to ask if this is our direct experience.