Online and Live With David Spero.

Recently there were technical difficulties with the audio and video transmission during internet broadcast; nevertheless, the Transmission that mattered most was not only NOT interrupted, but palpably much stronger!

This was very instructive to me and it leads me to ask if I can ever be "offline" and not "live" w/David Spero?
Once you've been initiated into this Shakti that seems to be a compelling question. What if I could be online all the of the time?

I tried this recently. I sat down to meditate in a dark room and I postulated this, that I was online, live with David and that I was connected to his blessing. Immediately it happened-- the flow of Shakti filled my entire being.

I have noticed that if I just stop and attune at anytime, that it is possible to locate a current that descends through the top of the head. Of course, there are variations in it's strength, but it began to dawn on me that maybe I've been able to locate this energy for a long time, but I didn't take cognizance of it. For sure, David's influence is crucial as an initiatory and awakening power, but isn't this power also native to my consciousness and my heart?

I just have to believe it and have faith that its possible. That seems to be more than half the battle. The senses are so conditioned to outward movement and flux; they rebel against returning to the source. It's like Pascal said something like, "All evil in this world comes from one thing alone, a man's inability to sit still alone in a room."

Sri Aurobindo said,

"In this yoga all depends on whether one can open to the Influence or not. If there is sincereity in the aspiration and a patient will to arrive at higher consciousness in spite of all obstacles, then the opening in one form or another is sure to come. But it may take a long or short time according to the prepared or unprepared condition of the mind, heart and body; so if you don't have the necessary patience, the effort may be abandoned owing to this difficulty at the begining. There is no method in this yoga except to concentrate, preferably in the Heart and call the presence and power of The Mother to take up the being and by the workings of her Shakti, transform the Consciousness.
The more the faith, the more rapid the result is likely to be."

David Spero is a Real Master. May coming into his radiating field of Shakti rip away the curtains of ignorance and let the sun flash into the room.

As always,
profuse gratitude.



Dear Mike,

Thanks you for this post. My experience too is that the shakti is always there, and perhaps you have noticed that it seems (at least to me) to be particularly strong at night. I also came to realize that is has always been there. Years ago, I noticed this silent intensity within my being, as well as the tendency for consciousness to restructure itself if left to rest within itself. However, I never trusted these experiences, having no frame of reference for them, and so I never gave my own being a real chance to pull me in. I don’t believe I am special in this regard. I am quite sure that if I could sense this then anyone with a modicum of trust and patience could do so as well. I would say that David has given me two crucial gifts that have made the difference. The first was an intensification of these energies of consciousness so as to make them unmistakable, and the second was the trust that flowed from these experiences, exactly as Sri Aurobindo suggests. Without this trust we will never be able to connect to the depth of our being. These experiences continue to be more intense in David's company, and I am not sure that will ever change, since I doubt there is any limit to the depth to which we can fall into our being. I also believe that the experience could be intensified in simple meditation groups if people wanted to gather during periods when David was not accessible.



By TF (not verified)

That night was outstanding. The intoxication process happend very fast and intensively.
I suppose that the technical problems lowered the expectations of the mind, and enabled the currents to move freely.
In my experience, up until now, David is always available. However, we are not always available.
One needs to initiate this connection, but most of the time we are in an "inertia" mode.
Once you have the will to connect to David in consciousness, I think that the connection happens.
I also think that faith is important, or I would better call it openess to the unknown, or getting rid of blocking concepts.

By ocean