Atemporal Radiance

The fact that David Spero ‘s videos radiate is still unbelievable to me. In playing a video, time is transcended and a living a-temporal Radiance is alive through the video-- now and now and now. How is that? Its amazing—its earth shattering. We can be led into a familiarity about it by being with David, but the fundamental earth-shattering nature of the actuality of this should never be left. When I feel this --and which no one word can do justice to it, I realize how earth shattering and remarkable it is. I have an inside experience of something more amazing than anti-gravity, more mysterious than a tornado-- or any rare phenomena in external nature. It is like going into the worlds most top secret lab and being shown THE discovery, THE Mystery that you've heard alluded to your whole life, or the supra-natural, or a secret portal of the Gods. It defies all logic, more so than any UFO ever could. A word like Goddess might come close. It is the VERY Presence of Deity, Godhead, Transcendental Radiance, The Angel. The Peacock. You can't explain that to most people; their being accustomed to operating in belief, thought and the simultaneous ignorance of thought as duality itself--polarization itself, the very vibration of denial--at least it functions as such when it seeks to interpret and control the communication of the phenomenal mystery of this.
The first hit of IT is ALL of it. THIS must not be ignored. It is the flute of Krishna,
—But even that description is a plastic toy.