The Blessing

We just finished morning meditation with David. Such radiance; such blissful life force; beauty and love that encapsulates at all levels of being. I go into take care of my mom who has advanced Alzheimer's. I'm able to make her laugh, and feel such a sense of joy and gratitude for the Grace, stamina and equanimity that allows me to handle all that is involved. There was no insurance money; my mom was not able to receive Medicaid.or any funding from family or friends. Yet everything somehow is fine; more than fine

I had something so beyond all of that ! My connection with you and a level of sublime knowing, of the ineffable Consciousness that has allowed me to survive. ! Actually more than survive, to actually know and live from a level of blessedness, of Grace. To thrive despite seemingly desperate circumstances

David's Darshan, his Blessing at all levels of existence has engendered this profound peace and love that has been field tested at unfathomable levels and the sweetest tears are flowing for this greatest gift.
My love and devotion to you always, dearest David.

Mark jackier