Full Frontal Blast of Energetic Joy

Dear David - I feel so much gratitude for what happened during the weekend web intensive. As I mentioned in the chat room, I felt a fullness throughout my body such as I have not felt before. This comes after having talked with you at the Friday satsang about the falling away of everything and the flat ‘equanimity’ that I had been feeling for a few months. However, during the intensive I immediately felt a palpable full frontal energetic blast of joy and bliss throughout my entire being. Although I chatted that it felt like a shower, I realize that word didn’t really capture it. It felt more like a full frontal blast of a shower that permeated everything. It is still present and feels like joy, bliss and sweetness. At the Friday night satsang you talked about the heart space connection. At the intensive I felt it, and still do. I feel humbled and full of gratitude.