Sane Functioning

Notise me now
very carefully
give your full attention to me

I am the functioning og sanity
everything is seen as it is
in it's nature as me
and in it's escape from me

You've lived the life of escape
you can't see me now
cause your insanity is pulling you apart
but theres a spark, and that is the doorway

You see clear
I am the Pure Man
from whom light is shed
turn your face towards my sky
in me you will recognize the Old Golden Land

You know me deeper
than the depths of yourself
what you've known before
you know now

Sanity functioning here before you
turning around all insanity
from this world and through the other worlds
this is what's most real to you

notise me now
and you will notice yourself
revealed before your naked eye
I will clothe you with my sanely
oh, you've never worn anything before

I will build up what the insane broke down
i will make everything right for you, you know
nothing was quiet right and at ease
before you found me

I found you long before you found me,
you know
I am the first and I am the last
Theres nothing else but Me

Sanely the light of words and truth
flow from the highest realms
through your throat they emerge
like springs and waves rolling on your tongue and lips

I have bathed in the Sea of Old
as a child
I always came back to you

through the years of increasing insanity
your sane drop of gold
fell on my tongue
to flower through my being
into my brain

I have never lived
I have never been real
I was immersed in the disturbing insane

I stand before you, broken down
I put my feet into your golden waters
one drop goes all the way
to put my feet into your sea of liquid golden light
is to have it reflect up through my entire body-mind

all in me responds fully to the Sanity of you
and my every cell is like water-lillys
blooming in your easy waters
for the first time in a lifetime

I turn to you for my upliftment
my contentment, my clarity, my life:
the birth of my sane functioning